5 Best Cheap Volleyball Shoes That Don’t Completely Suck! (2022)

Are you on the market for a new pair of volleyball shoes but don’t want to fork out a ton of cash?

I’ve got you covered.

Having played volleyball for well over 10 years, I’ve come to learn that cheap shoes either end up being really awful, or surprisingly good.

In this article I discuss 5 volleyball shoes that are surprisingly good for their price tag, and I’ll also be able to point you in the direction of the budget shoe that’s right for you.

Let’s begin!

Best Overall Shoe

Adidas Dame 7 Extply Red Volleyball Shoes

Adidas Dame 7

Right out of the gate I’m throwing a basketball shoe into the mix because the Dame 7 is quite simply the best budget shoe you can play volleyball in.

Best Overall Budget Volleyball Shoes

Yes, you can wear basketball shoes for volleyball, so don’t fret!

Plenty of top pros do it and for good reason: basketball shoes are often better configured for certain volleyball positions, and there’s a much larger range to choose from.

The Dame 7 excels in just about every aspect.

The Litestrike midsole is excellent for jumping in with really good impact protection, so if you’re a hitter, your joints will be well protected.

Traction in the Dame 7s is actually superior to the Dame 8s, which is always handy.

Oh and ankle support is top notch, making these brilliant for middle blockers and opposite hitters who are doing a lot of jumping and landing around the net.

They do okay in terms of responsiveness and lateral movements, but if you’re a libero or setter, you might prefer a shoe that performs a little better in this regard.

The Dame 7s are also great for anyone with wide feet, so that’s a bonus too.

These will usually go for under $100 on Amazon and they’re simply the best shoe in this price range, hands down.

Ideal For

  • Hitters. Anyone spiking the volleyball and doing a lot of jumping will love these shoes.
  • Wide and flat feet. These shoes also made my short list for anyone with or flat feet.
  • Anyone balling on a budget. I’d be willing to pay a lot more than I did for my Dame 7s!

Not Ideal For

  • Responsiveness. They’re definitely not bad in this regard, but it’s certainly not their strong suit.
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Runner Up

Asics Gel-Rocket 10

Asics Gel-Rocket 10

The Gel-Rockets have forever been one of Asics‘ most popular shoes for volleyballers and is one of the most affordable court shoes on the market.

Best Budget Volleyball Shoes – Runner Up

The Asics Gel-Rocket 10s are one of the most versatile and durable volleyball shoes on the market, which is somewhat surprising since they also retail for under $100.

Right off the bat you should understand that the GR10 isn’t technically a volleyball shoe and was designed as a general purpose court shoe.

It’s actually more geared towards pickleball, badminton, and squash.

For this reason, the cushioning setup is not so incredible, unfortunately.

What this means is that the bounce and impact protection really aren’t the greatest and so I wouldn’t recommend this shoe for anyone doing a lot of jumping.

Having said that, they’re super responsive and have excellent traction and therefore make excellent shoes for liberos and setters who have less need for shock absorption.

Be warned that these shoes run small and are quite narrow.

You will most likely get blisters if you order your normal size so be sure to get at least 1/2 a size bigger!

Ideal For

  • Setters and liberos. These are great for volleyballers who aren’t doing a ton of jumping.
  • Durability. These shoes definitely stand the test of time.

Not Ideal For

  • Wide feet. Avoid this shoe or get 1/2-1 size larger than normal if you have wide feet.
  • Jumping. With a very average cushioning setup, these are not the best shoes to jump in.
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Also Great

Giannis Immortality For Volleyball

Nike Giannis Immortality

The Giannis Immortality is another a super lightweight, ultra responsive option that’s excellent for back court players.

Also Great Budget Volleyball Shoes

These shoes are one of the best performing budget basketball shoes that work really well on the volleyball court also.

They’re easily the lightest shoe on this list which is great for anyone who enjoys that super lightweight feel.

The cushioning setup is okay, but not great. It’s definitely better than the Gel-Rocket 10s, and likely good enough for some entry level spikers.

But where this shoe really excels is its traction and responsiveness, making it a really excellent choice for setters as well as liberos.

Ideal For

  • Liberos and setters. The incredible responsiveness gives back court players the on-court agility they need.
  • Beginner spikers. These would make fine shoes for entry level hitters or anyone only playing occasionally/once a week.

Not Ideal For

  • Anyone jumping a lot. The impact protection in these shoes simply isn’t incredible, although not terrible.

Also Great

Adidas Harden Stepback 2 Colorful Shoe

Adidas Harden Stepback 2

The Harden Stepback 2 is really well known for its excellent lateral support making it a great option for safety focused volleyballers.

Also Great Budget Volleyball Shoes

If you’re concerned about ankle support and want a particularly safe volleyball shoe, the Harden Stepback 2 is a great choice.

For what might be the cheapest shoe on this list, the Stepback 2 is actually a really decently made product.

The cushioning setup is, as you would expect, okay but not incredible.

The traction is surprisingly good and they handle outdoor courts exceptionally well, making them perfect for people who tend to wear their volleyball shoes for more activities than they probably should!

The best part about this shoe is the lateral support.

The internal heel counter combined with the fairly wide outrigger make for a really well locked down shoe that is hard to roll.

They’re a unisex shoe that come in a variety of interesting colorways to choose from.

Ideal For

  • Ankle support. This is definitely one of the most supportive shoes on this list, along with the Dame 7.
  • Setters and liberos. With a nice low to the ground feel, these are great shoes for setters and liberos. Not an awful choice for some passer hitters too!

Not Ideal For

  • Anyone doing a ton of jumping. For advanced athletes who are jumping a lot, this probably isn’t the right choice of shoe.
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Special Mention

Asics Upcourt 4 Volleyball Shoes

Asics Upcourt 4

One of Asics’ most popular court shoes, the Upcourt 4 is another extremely cheap option that is a fine choice for beginners in the sport of volleyball.

Also Great Budget Volleyball Shoes

Along with the Gel-Rocket 10s, the Upcourt 4 have a pretty solid reputation for a variety of court sports.

For somewhere in the neighborhood of $60, you really have to be quite pleased with the quality of this shoe.

It handles lateral movements quite well, is fairly supportive, and is remarkably durable.

The cushioning setup is also not really configured for the sport of volleyball, so don’t expect the softest landings if you’re jumping a lot.

As with most Asics shoes, they’re quite narrow and you’ll likely need to order at least half a size up.

Ideal For

  • Beginner volleyball players. Casual or entry level players who aren’t looking to invest a lot in shoes will like the Upcourt 4s.

Not Ideal For

  • Anyone jumping a lot. I sound like a broken record, but such is the nature of budget court shoes… the midsole technology simply doesn’t cater well to the landing forces of jumping.
  • Wide feet. These run very narrow so make sure you order at least a half size bigger!
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Final Verdict?

By far the best option on this list for anyone doing a good amount of jumping (most volleyball players) is the Adidas Dame 7 due to its excellent cushioning setup and great overall performance.

Setters and liberos are really spoilt for choice here as any of the other 4 shoes will be a great fit.

I’d recommend going for the Harden Stepback 2 as it’s probably the best all-rounder after the Dame 7.

Be sure to check out this article to learn more about the price of volleyball shoes.

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