Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball Shoes

The Best Advice On Volleyball Kicks

Buying a fresh pair of volleyball shoes is an exciting time.

There’s no better feeling than stepping onto the court with a brand new pair of sneakers.

Having gone through an alarming number of volleyball shoes myself, I understand exactly what qualities to look for when shopping online for a new pair.

My shoe reviews are designed to help you select the highest quality product without breaking the bank.

The best place to start would be to check out my top overall shoes, as well as the best shoes for various positions on the volleyball court.

Pick The Right Volleyball Shoes For Your Position!

If you don’t have a set position or simply want to check out the best overall volleyball shoes, the first article below is the best place to start.

Best Volleyball Shoes

In the above article I’ve gone into great detail about why I’ve chosen the shoes I did, and I explain exactly what things to look for when shopping for new volleyball shoes.

A libero and a middle blocker should not be wearing the same shoes, which is why I’ve created 3 further roundup articles: one for hitters, liberos, and setters.

Best Volleyball Shoes For Setters
Best Volleyball Shoes For Hitters
Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos

Certain volleyball positions simply require different kinds of volleyball shoes.

Looking For A Specific Color Of Volleyball Shoes?

If you’re looking for a particular color of volleyball shoe, I’ve got a few very specific articles detailing the best volleyball shoes in each colorway on the current market.

Best Black Volleyball Shoes
Best White Volleyball Shoes
Best Colorful Volleyball Shoes

Quite often I find people searching for purple or orange or red and white volleyball shoes, which is why I went ahead and wrote the article detailing which volleyball shoes are available in these unique colorways.

It’s a great article to read if you want to get some shoes to match your team colors!

Want Ankle Support With That?

If you’re like me and are super prone to twisted ankles, you’re probably going to want a pair of shoes with extra protection in this area. I’ve compiled a couple lists to help these volleyballers out as well.

Best Volleyball Shoes For Ankle Support
Best High Top Volleyball Shoes

High tops definitely seem to be going out of fashion lately but there’s sill a couple you can get your hands on in 2023.

Most Popular Volleyball Shoe Brands

Perhaps you’re a fan of a particular brand of volleyball shoes and if that’s the case, I’ve put together a few different lists of the best shoes currently available from each of the major brands.

Best Mizuno Volleyball Shoes
Best Asics Volleyball Shoes
Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes
Best Nike Volleyball Shoes
Best Under Armour Volleyball Shoes

I’m personally a big fan of Asics as well as Adidas lately.

Looking For Men’s Or Women’s Sizes?

You should also be aware that although most volleyball shoes are unisex in nature, meaning both men and women can wear the same design, if you are searching for gender specific sizes, availability will vary a lot due to current supply chain issues.

Here you can check out the best volleyball shoes you can actually get your hands on for both men’s and women’s sizes.

Best Women's Volleyball Shoes
Best Men's Volleyball Shoes

Do remember that women can 100% wear men’s sizes and vice versa. So long as you’re getting a shoe that fits well, it isn’t that important.

Outdoor & Grass Volleyball Shoes

Perhaps you’re getting into grass volleyball and are wondering what shoes to wear, or whether you should wear shoes at all!

I’ve written an article explaining exactly what the best shoes for grass volleyball are and why you might want to get a pair.

Best Grass Volleyball Shoes
Best Shoes For Outdoor Volleyball

If you find yourself playing volleyball on outdoor courts, certain volleyball shoes are significantly more durable for the harsher surfaces, so make sure you take a look at that article if you’re in this boat.

Got Wide Or Flat Feet?

If you’re anything like me and happen to have extremely wide feet, it can make shopping for volleyball shoes particularly difficult.

After a lot of research, I was able to put together a couple lists to help people identify the best shoes on the market for both wide and flat feet.

Best Volleyball Shoes For Wide Feet
Best Volleyball Shoes For Flat Feet

The above guide for wide fitting volleyball shoes is definitely going to help you avoid all of the particularly narrow fitting volleyball shoes on the market.

There’s a section in there for narrow feet too!

Basketball Shoes Are The New Volleyball Shoes

In almost all of my volleyball shoe recommendation articles, I tend to include a number of basketball shoes and there’s good reason for this.

Unlike general purpose court shoes which are designed for sports like handball, badminton, squash, and netball, basketball shoes are actually designed with jumping in mind.

Jumping is the one thing basketball and volleyball share in common which is why many basketball shoes also make excellent volleyball shoes.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball
Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

In the above articles I discuss in greater detail why basketball shoes work great for volleyball, which ones to avoid, and some of the best basketball shoes for volleyball.

What About Other Shoes?

People often want to know whether they can wear their Tennis shoes on the volleyball court or if running shoes will get the job done.

There’s a number of very important reasons why I recommend getting a pair of volleyball shoes if you’re starting to take the game seriously, as other shoes simply won’t cut it.

Are Running Shoes Good For Volleyball?
Can You Wear Tennis Shoes For Volleyball
Are Volleyball Shoes Good For Running?

I suggest taking a closer look at the above articles before you decide against investing in a pair of volleyball shoes!

What About Price?

So you’ve decided it’s probably a good idea to buy some volleyball shoes… But how much do you realistically have to invest?

There’s quite a considerable range when it comes to the cost of volleyball shoes and I’ve taken the liberty of doing up a couple articles to inform the price sensitive among you.

How Much Are Volleyball Shoes
Best Cheap Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes don’t have to be crazy expensive and it’s totally possible to get a really excellent shoe for not a lot of money!

Haikyuu Fans?

I also did up an article explaining which shoes the Karasuno volleyball team wears, so if you’re into the popular anime, feel free to check that out!