5 Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes For 2023



As an elite volleyball player myself, over the years I’ve gone through far more volleyball shoes than most.

Believe me when I say I know exactly what makes a great volleyball shoe.

As of this point in 2023, there is a huge shortage of men’s volleyball shoes across a number of very popular brands.

Luckily for the ladies, now is one of the best times to be investing in volleyball shoes with significantly more availability.

In this article I’ll run you through my short list of the best volleyball shoes that are currently available in women’s sizes.

Best Overall Shoe
Nike React Hyperset

This is, by a big margin, the current most popular volleyball shoe on the market and it happens to only available in women’s sizes!

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Nike React Hyperset Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Nike absolutely smashed it out of the park with the Hypersets which have grown to quickly become the single most popular volleyball shoe of 2023.

The Hypersets are well known for having some of the best traction and responsiveness of any volleyball shoe ever created.

They boast a fairly low to the ground feel which makes them perfect for liberos, setters, as well as outside hitters.

The cushioning system is solid, not incredible, but solid. This is important as it’ll help protect your joints from landing forces when spiking and blocking.

The Hypersets do fit on the narrow side and can be pretty uncomfortable if you have wide feet, so be sure to order a 1/2 size larger if you’re in this boat.

These are sold out even on the Nike website so Amazon is going to be the easiest place to get them at the moment.

Ideal For

  • Setters, liberos, outside hitters. Really anyone on the volleyball court can wear these shoes, but I personally think there’s better options for opposites and middles.

Not Ideal For

  • Anyone balling on a budget. These are the most popular yet also most expensive volleyball shoe on the market.
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Runner Up
ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam

This is my personal favorite volleyball shoe of all time. It’s one of the most flawlessly designed volleyball shoes I’ve ever worn and excels in absolutely every area.

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Asics Sky Elite FF Women’s Volleyball Shoes

The Asics Sky Elite FF volleyball shoe won my overall top volleyball shoe of 2023 and I actually think it’s superior to the Nike Hyperset in every area.

I just put it in second place because I was getting bored of seeing it on top of all my recommended volleyball shoe lists!

The Sky Elite FFs have incredible traction, probably equal to that of the Hypersets, but a significantly better cushioning system which makes this shoe a dream to jump in.

It’s equally as responsive and still has excellent forefoot flexibility with a smooth heel-toe transition, meaning this thing glides around the volleyball court.

It is quite high up off the ground which makes it not ideal for liberos who prefer a lower to the ground feel.

They come in a variety of awesome colorways and are available in both low and mid tops. These are also great for wide feet!

I can’t decide if the white or orange Tokyo colorways are better, but these have to be one of the coolest looking shoes out right now.

Ideal For

  • All volleyball players. Seriously, these are the greatest volleyball shoes of all time, and it’s not even close!

Not Ideal For

  • Defensive players who prefer a thinner midsole. If you like to stand lower to the ground, these may not be the shoe for you.
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Best Budget Shoe
Adidas CrazyFlight

The Adidas CrazyFlight is another super solid all-rounder without the price tag of the other shoes on this list. For relatively new players, this may be the highest value shoe for your money!

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Best Budget Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Just because I’ve labelled this one as ‘budget’, doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent shoe.

Earlier this year I ranked it as my number 1 Adidas volleyball shoe which is a pretty big title to hold!

The CrazyFlight does a good job everywhere but it excels in lateral support with really airtight ankle lockdown, making this one of the most secure shoes you can wear.

It is a little heavier than most shoes, but still feels relatively lightweight to wear.

There’s no crazy bounce as advertised, but it performs well enough when jumping to get the job done.

Ideal For

  • Anyone balling on a budget. This shoe retails for under $100 making it significantly cheaper than most.

Not Ideal For

  • Athletes who want crazy springiness. While this shoe is fine to jump in, don’t expect any extra bounciness when spiking.
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#4 Also Great
Mizuno Wave Momentum

One of the more lightweight volleyball shoes, the Wave Momentum offers exceptional impact protection, making it one of the most ideal shoes for spikers.

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#4 Mizuno Wave Momentum Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Here’s what you need to know about the Mizuno Wave Momentum shoes…

The original Wave Momentum is fairly bouncy but has really incredible shock absorption which makes it perfect for any volleyballers doing a ton of jumping.

The Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 is way more bouncy, but with significantly less impact protection, making it more fun to jump in, but less effective at protecting your joints.

I always recommend going for the original Momentums but both shoes are excellent in their own ways.

The shoe is also ultra lightweight and responsive with incredible traction, making it perfect for all positions.

For liberos and setters I’d recommend going for the Momentum 2s and for outsides, opposites, and middles, I’d stick with the original Momentums.

Ideal For

  • Athletes who prefer lightweight shoes. I believe this is the lightest volleyball shoe on the market!
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#5 Also Great
Under Armour HOVR Highlight Ace 2.0

Did someone say ankle support? Never roll an ankle again with these super bold Under Armour high tops perfect for middle blockers and opposites.

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#5 UA HOVR Highlight Ace Women’s Volleyball Shoe

If you’re a fan of high tops, these are the best volleyball shoe you can get your hands on.

With exceptional ankle support, these are ideal for anyone doing a good amount of jumping around the net – I’m looking at you, middle blockers.

For the same reason, they’re great for opposite hitters.

These do have a good amount of extra bounce in them which makes them a ton of fun to jump in.

Be warned though that the traction is not incredible – if you’re playing on dusty courts, these will pick up dust like crazy so expect to be wiping your shoes a bunch!

Admittedly, ventilation is also on the not so good side for these shoes. So if you get really sweaty feet, brace yourself for some stink!

They fit on the narrower side too so if you’ve got wide feet consider going up half a size.

Ideal For

  • Opposites and middles. Great cushioning and ankle support make these brilliant for those players spending plenty of time around the net.

Not Ideal For

  • Liberos and setters. The subpar traction might make these a poor choice for liberos and setters who don’t need the bounce or support so much.
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Final Verdict?

Without a doubt the best volleyball shoe on this list is the Asics Sky Elite FFs with the Nike Hyperset in a close second.

If you didn’t quite want to spend so much money, the Mizuno Wave Momentums are another excellent choice.

If you wanted to save quite a bit of coin, or if you’re a beginner, the Adidas CrazyFlight shoe is going to be your best option.

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As a former international level volleyball player, I now spend my days working out and writing for Volleyball Vault. I look for ways to bring my wealth of experience and knowledge to create unique and insightful perspectives in my content.