5 Best Volleyball Rebounders In 2024 [Tested By Pro]


Using a volleyball rebounder is one of the most effective ways to train alone at home for volleyball.

Best Volleyball Rebounders

I always talk about how the best way to improve at volleyball is to put more reps in, to get more contacts on the ball.

A rebounder is an ideal way of doing this when you don’t have any teammates to practice with.

I’ve just spent the whole day researching each of the different rebounders on the market, filtered out the junk, and have concluded that there’s 5 volleyball rebounders actually worth looking at.

Best Volleyball Rebounders – At A Glance

  1. Best & Largest – Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder
  2. Runner Up – SKLZ Rebounder
  3. Best Budget Rebounder – Franklin Volleyball Rebounder
  4. Also Decent – Flair Volleyball Rebounder
  5. Best Elastic Rebounder – Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

Runner Up

SKLZ Volleyball Rebounder
  • Much better quality than many alternatives
  • Great portability – folds completely flat
  • Smaller rebound surface, but still fine for volleyball

Best & Largest

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder
  • Much larger rebound surface (best for volleyball)
  • No dead zones – rebounds with more consistency
  • Significantly more weatherproof than alternatives

Best Budget Rebounder

Franklin Volleyball Rebounder
  • Allows you to select the perfect rebound angle
  • Solid steel frame
  • Really affordable

Let’s now take a closer look at my findings so we can help you get the best possible rebounder for your specific needs!

Let’s begin!

Best & Largest
Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

When it comes to volleyball rebounders, size is a pretty important factor. The Aceletiqs rebounder is quite a bit bigger than the alternatives and is also the highest quality product by a good margin.

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Best & Largest Volleyball Rebounder

The main benefit of using a bigger volleyball rebounder is that you can stand further away from the frame and hit the ball harder.

This makes it ideal not just for younger players who lack accuracy, but also for older players who want to practice really swinging on the ball.

Largest Surface Area

At 5’x7′, the total surface area of this rebounder is almost twice as large as the SKLZ rebounder (see below)

There’s also no ‘dead zones’ on this rebounder which means the ball will rebound square regardless of where you hit it, which is great for beginners!

Super Solid Construction Quality

As far as build quality goes, this thing is super solid. It’s actually designed for lacrosse training which means it can withstand forces far greater than what you can produce with a volleyball!

It weighs a good 30lbs which is more than 4 times as much as some of the other less sturdy rebounders.

More Weatherproof Than Most

From the many reviews I read, this rebounder appears to be one of the most weatherproof options on the market, meaning the threads won’t fray in the heat.

Being mostly weatherproof is also advantageous for this particular rebounder because it unfortunately doesn’t store completely flat, which means it’s a little more difficult to store.

Ideal For

This rebounder is the best option for both young and inexperienced volleyballers who lack accuracy, as well as older players who really want to swing hard. If you believe it’s wiser to spend a little extra for equipment that’ll stand the test of time, this one’s a no brainer!

The Good

Largest surface area – At 35 square feet, this rebounder has almost twice as large of a rebound surface as the next best rebounder.

No dead zones – If you hit the edges of some of the cheaper rebounders, you’ll sometimes get a ‘dead’ rebound which interrupts your rally.

Mostly weatherproof – These things tend to hold up fairly well after being left outside in the elements for years.

The Bad

Doesn’t fold completely flat which means it’ll take up a little more room if you choose to store it after use.

A little pricey – you can expect to pay about $50 more for this rebounder than the next best option, but I think that’s quite fair given the size and build quality.

Only available in the USA via Amazon. I wanted to ship one of these to Australia, but it was going to be 150% more expensive!

Runner Up
SKLZ Volleyball Rebounder

The construction quality of the SKLZ rebounder is well above average and this product has higher customer satisfaction than similar options.

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Best Volleyball Rebounder – Runner Up

The last thing you want when you get a rebounder is for the frame to be flimsy or the net to break.

SLKZ have designed their rebounder to be super solid and durable so you won’t run into these issues.

Perfect Angle For Volleyball

This rebounder has 3 angles you can adjust it to, allowing you can get the optimal angle for a range of different strength spikes/downballs.

SKLZ Adjustable Volleyball Rebounder

Other nets tend to stand quite upright, but having access to a 45-degree or even sharper angle is ideal for use with a volleyball.

Compact Design

At just 4’x4.5′ in size, the SLKZ rebounder is actually quite small and it folds flat for easy storage.

I’ve noticed that having a smaller surface area isn’t actually too much of a drawback when it comes to rebounding the volleyball and that an 18 square foot target area is large enough for the vast majority of volleyballers.

Less experienced volleyballers can stand a little closer and they should have no issues with accuracy.

Construction Quality

After reading through quite literally hundreds of reviews, I was able to determine that the SKLZ rebounder appeared to be made with higher quality materials than many other comparable products on the market.

Customer satisfaction seemed slightly higher overall and there were less instances of complaints about quality.

Ideal For

This rebounder is an excellent choice for all volleyballers and is a little less expensive than the Aceletiqs option – great, affordable choice for parents who want to see if their son or daughter will actually use the thing!

The Good

The materials used are of a higher quality than others and this frame/net is put together really nicely.

Of all the ratings and reviews I read, and I read them all, the SKLZ rebounder appeared to have more happy customers than the other brands.

Some rebounders are too upright, but the SKLZ adjusts to sharp enough angles, ideal for playing volleyball against yourself!

Compact design – This rebounder is extremely portable and can be folded away for storage in just seconds.

The Bad

Frame could be a little larger – I personally don’t think this is an issue but I can understand why some volleyballers may prefer a slightly larger surface area.

Best Budget Rebounder
Franklin Volleyball Rebounder

If you’re looking to save a little cash, the Franklin rebounder is going to be the best quality setup around the $100 price point.

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Best Budget Volleyball Rebounder

You have to be very careful when shopping for cheap volleyball rebounders because most of the cheaper products are very low quality.

The Franklin rebounder is 4’4″x6′ in size, so it’s actually quite a large sized frame.

Infinite Control Over Rebound Angle

The coolest part about this frame is that you have full control over the angle you set it to, so you can find the perfect angle for hitting volleyballs at.

Steel Frame & Ground Stakes

Since the frame is steel, it’s quite sturdy overall but will rust if left out in the rain. It does fold flat so you should be able to store it under cover somewhere.

If it’s moving around too much, you can use the metal ground stakes to secure the frame to the ground (provided you’re using it on a turf lawn).

Quality & Durability?

I’m not going to sit here and say this is the highest quality product or that it’ll last forever, but by all measures this appears to be the most robust budget rebounder.

You simply won’t find a better option for the price!

Ideal For

This is a great option for parents on a budget and/or for anyone planning on using their rebounder on a grassy surface like a backyard.

The Good

Infinite angle control – This allows you to have perfect control over the angle of the rebounder.

Solid steel frame should last longer than most plastic alternatives.

Super affordable – The is probably the best volleyball rebounder at close to the $100 price point.

The Bad

It’s hard to say how durable this rebounder is and how well it’ll hold up under heavy use.

Also Decent
Flair Volleyball Rebounder

If you were looking for a more affordable, middle of the road rebounder, Flair have also done an exceptional job with their rebounder.

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Another Decent Volleyball Rebounder

This rebounder is very similar to the SKLZ product and is a great all rounder when it comes to rebounders for volleyball.

Good Size & Affordability

At 4’x6′, it’s a bit taller than the SKLZ net but still quite a bit smaller than the Aceletiqs product.

It’s slightly more affordable than the SKLZ rebounder and also adjusts to the perfect angle for volleyball.

Flair Volleyball Rebounder

Tricky Assembly

The unfortunate thing about this net is that it’s quite fiddly to set up.

Some users said it took an hour of frustration just to get it in working order.

On the bright side, the customer service is absolutely world class, so it’s great to know you can talk with the manufacture to sort out any issues.

Potentially Too Lightweight?

It’s also quite lightweight compared to the SKLZ rebounder and may need to be held down with some sort of weight if you’re going to be swinging particularly hard on this net.

Ideal For

This rebounder is great for younger players or for parents who aren’t sure how much use it’ll get.

The Good

Good sized option for beginners who aren’t going to be swinging super hard on this fairly lightweight rebounder.

This is one of the cheaper rebounders on the market

The Bad

Because of its large surface area and lightweight frame, it’ll potentially be a little flimsy/move around a little. Not recommended for older volleyballers.

Best Elastic Rebounder
Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

Perhaps you had something different in mind when searching for volleyball rebounders… If you happened to be searching for the best elastic volleyball rebound trainer, I’ve got you covered!

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Best Elastic Volleyball Rebound Trainer

These devices are really cool and are a great way of getting plenty of reps in at home.

With this device, the ball returns right back to you so you can hit it over and over, drilling your contact and follow through.

Perfect For Learning To Serve!

They’re ideal for younger players who are just learning how to serve a volleyball.

I’ve seen players go from being unable to serve over the net to becoming highly consistent in just a week from using one of these!

They can also be used for practicing bumping/passing and setting.

Contacting the volleyball feels remarkably natural even with the elastic covering the surface.

Great, super cheap option for beginners!

Be sure to check out my other recommendations for the best volleyball training equipment for home!

Ideal For

This product is fantastic for complete beginners who are struggling to serve the ball over the net.

The Good

Great for beginners – Anyone still learning the basic skills of volleyball will be able to start serving and spiking much quicker using one of these.

Contacting the volleyball feels virtually the same as contacting a regular volleyball.

Super affordable – These are really effective for their price!

The Bad

Doesn’t work well for topspin serves/tosses.

Final Verdict?

If you’re looking for a high quality volleyball rebounder with a nice big rebound suface area, ideal for both beginners and advanced athletes, the Aceletiqs volleyball rebounder should be at the top of your list.

If you don’t quite want to spend that much money, the SKLZ rebounder appears to be the highest quality alternative that won’t break the bank.

Our Volleyball Rebounder Testing & Review Process

I always make it my mission to be as comprehensive as possible with these product reviews so I can be as helpful as possible to my readers.

Unfortunately, since I’m living abroad in Thailand, I’ve not been able to purchase and test any of these rebounders as they only retail in the USA.

So in the interest of full transparency, I cannot speak about these products from first hand experience.

But since there wasn’t much information available on the internet about volleyball rebounders, I decided to take the time to research each of these options and put together this list anyway, hoping some of you would find it helpful.

I did spend most of the day reading through Amazon reviews and comparing the satisfaction ratings of 20+ different products on the market.

This also involved searching for each of the rebounders that people had actually used for volleyball, since there’s no volleyball-specific rebounders on the market.

I weighted the quality and reliability of materials as extremely important when compiling this list of rebounders, as I found most of the complaints came from nets that would rip, rendering the rebounder useless.

I used price as a secondary factor as well.

I intend on updating this article frequently as new products enter the market.

Within the next 12 months I’m also planning on taking a trip to the US so I can buy each of these rebounders and test them out thoroughly, just so I can update this article with far more comprehensive information.

Feel free to read more about our product testing standards and review process.

How To Use A Rebounder For Volleyball

Rebounders make for excellent volleyball practice tools when you’re at home alone.

Set your rebounder up on a relatively flat surface, preferably not where you’ll lose the ball or damage something if you miss the target.

Grass works fine. So does concrete on the driveway or road (if it’s a quiet street, of course).

Rebounders are quite portable so you can put it in the car and take it with you to the park or beach.

Practice hitting the ball into the net and when it returns, either bump or set the ball to yourself, before spiking it back at the rebounder and repeating.

This is basically a ‘one man pepper drill’ and it’s excellent for developing ball control.

Volleyball Rebounder Angle

The ideal angle to set the rebounder up to is 45 degrees.

This should return the ball at a really nice trajectory for either bumping or setting to yourself.

Volleyball Return Board

Wooden volleyball return boards are also quite a popular option, but they are definitely a DIY project as they’re not commercially available anywhere unfortunately.

Can You Use A Lacrosse Rebounder For Volleyball?

Absolutely! Lacrosse rebounders are generally quite sturdy compared to many other rebounders and tend to work exceptionally well for volleyball!

Our Top Recommendation

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

When it comes to volleyball rebounders, size is a pretty important factor. The Aceletiqs rebounder is quite a bit bigger than the alternatives and is also the highest quality product by a good margin.

If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


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