5 Best Volleyball Training Equipment For Home In 2024


In order to become an excellent volleyballer, you need to live and breath volleyball.

This means practicing hard when you’re on the court, but also putting in some extra hours while you’re at home.

The best volleyballers are the ones getting more repetitions in than their competition, so if you’re not also practicing at home, you’re falling behind.

Volleyball Training Equipment For Home

Having access to the right volleyball training equipment at home can make your practice sessions far more effective.

Today I’m going to run through the absolute best equipment for practicing volleyball at home, and how you ought to use these training aids for the best results.

Let’s begin!

Best Volleyball Training Equipment For Home – At A Glance




Weighted Volleyball


Asics Sky Elite FF 2 Mid Women's Volleyball Shoes

The Mikasa heavyweight volleyball, 75% heavier than standard ones, strengthens setters’ hands, wrists, and fingers.

Best Complete System


Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoes

When it comes to volleyball spike training equipment, the Edge Pro is undoubtedly the holy grail.

Best & Largest


Mizuno Wave Momentum Volleyball Shoes

The Aceletiqs rebounder is a large market rebounder ideal for volleyball use.

Best Setter Net


Middle blockers and opposite hitters, for the best value, you can’t overlook this shoe.

Best Elastic Rebounder


Adidas Dame 8 Volleyball Shoes

Using an Ovanto spike trainer is one of the best ways for complete beginners to learn how to serve the ball over the net.

Here’s a comprehensive review. I’ve covered everything you’ll need for home use.

Best Weighted Volleyball
Mikasa MGV500 Heavyweight Volleyball

Using a weighted volleyball, otherwise referred to as a setter ball, is one of the easiest and quickest ways to radically improve your ability as a setter.

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Weighted Volleyball For Setting Practice At Home

The additional weight of the heavy ball causes the muscles in your arms, hands, and fingers to adapt to the added load.

When you switch back to a regulation ball, you’re far more capable of setting further, with better accuracy, for longer.

If you’re looking for a really high quality setter ball that will probably last longer than the other ones, the Mikasa ball is a really solid product.

The setter ball from Mikasa is the perfect weight for all users, it’s made from quality materials, and usually doesn’t require much if any inflation once you get it.

A number of the other setter balls ship either completely deflated or slightly deflated, to the point where you can’t use it out of the box.

But having a cheap hand pump on standby is probably still a good idea.

One of the major complaints about other setter balls is that they’re too light and that the customer was expecting it to be significantly heavier…

Weighing in at 16oz, which is the standard weight for setter balls (approximately 70% heavier than a regulation ball), the Mikasa heavyweight volleyball is definitely not going to disappoint in terms of weight.

This makes it a great option for all age groups and skill/strength levels.

In terms of materials, the ball is really nice. It feels just like a quality indoor volleyball and is super soft to touch.

For a full comparison of this setter ball to the alternatives, be sure to check out my article discussing the best weighted volleyballs in 2024.

Ideal For

  • Volleyballers of all ages and skill levels. This training ball can be used by complete beginners or by elite professionals.
  • Not just setters! You don’t need to be a setter to get good use out of one of these. All players on the court need to be able to set accurately, so this is a great training aid for everyone!
Best Complete System
The Edge Pro Spike Trainer With Target Stand

This is the holy grail of volleyball training systems because of how incredibly efficient it makes spike training. If there’s one piece of equipment that will turn you into a freakishly good spiker, it’s this one.

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Best Volleyball Spike Training Equipment For Home

My old national team coach once said that the skill of spiking a volleyball is the most biomechanically difficult skill to learn of any skill in any sport.

Whether that’s true or not, it can’t be far off the money!

So much of the frustration of learning how to spike comes from inexperienced setters (who are also learning how to set) not putting the ball where you need it.

Timing is extremely difficult to master, even at the highest levels of the game.

When an athlete can take their time to focus on jumping high, making a smooth arm swing, and following through on the volleyball, they’re going to develop as a spiker extremely quickly.

Whether you’re just practicing at home by yourself or are planning on using the Edge Pro in an on-court team environment, the amount of use you can get out of one of these is incredible.

The Edge Pro Spike Trainer With Target Stand

This makes spike training insanely efficient so you’re able to get more repetitions in than your competition.

This will allow you to learn the skill of spiking significantly faster than most players!

But wait… there’s more!

The target net is a fully functional setter target net which is one of the single best tools for practicing setting at home alone when you don’t have access to a volleyball net.

So not only are you getting a top of the line spike training system, but you’re also getting the perfect tool to become an elite setter as well!

Every single review I’ve read on these things are extremely positive and now I’m wishing I had one of these when I was growing up!

The perfect Christmas or birthday gift!

Ideal For

  • Anyone looking to become a better spiker. Being able to hit a stationary object without having to worry about timing is one of the most effective ways to develop your arm swing and follow through.

Not Ideal For

  • Anyone balling on a budget. These systems certainly aren’t cheap and not everyone will be able to afford one.
Best & Largest
Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

When it comes to volleyball rebounders, size is a pretty important factor. The Aceletiqs rebounder is quite a bit bigger than the alternatives and is also the highest quality product by a good margin.

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Use A Volleyball Rebounder For Solo Practice At Home

I always talk about how the best way to improve at volleyball is to put more reps in, to get more contacts on the ball.

A rebounder is an ideal way of doing this when you don’t have any teammates around.

The Aceletiqs rebounder is larger than most which makes it one of the more user friendly rebounders on the market.

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

The main benefit of using a bigger volleyball rebounder is that you can stand further away from the frame and hit the ball harder.

This makes it ideal not just for younger players who lack accuracy, but also for older players who want to practice really swinging on the ball.

There’s also no ‘dead zones’ on this rebounder which means the ball will rebound square regardless of where you hit it.

This thing is super solid and is one of the more weatherproof options on the market.

Unfortunately it doesn’t store completely flat and weighs a good 30lbs, but the extra weight is definitely helpful for use with a volleyball.

Be sure to check out my full article comparing the best volleyball rebounders for 2024.

Ideal For

  • Solo practice. Sometimes you’re simply not going to have access to a training partner. This is where volleyball rebounders are super effective.
Best Setter Net
PowerNet Setter Training Net

A volleyball setting net is one of the best training aids used by setters at all levels of the game. As setting is a skill all players need, this is the perfect training aid for anyone looking to improve their setting accuracy.

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Setting Net For Target Practice At Home

Using a volleyball setting net allows for instant feedback on the accuracy of your sets, and since players don’t have to spike or catch the balls, using a net like this is the best way to get tons of repetitions in at a very efficient rate.

PowerNet are a company which specialize in sports nets of all kinds and they’ve created the most affordable volleyball setter net on the market.

PowerNet Volleyball Setter Net

It has a larger opening of around 3’x3.5′, making it an excellent option for younger, less experienced volleyballers.

It’ll also adjust between 45 and 180 degrees, so it can be used in a variety of positions for a variety of types of sets.

Works excellent both indoors and outdoors.

This product also has a very smart drawstring feature on the net, so you can opt between storing the volleyballs in the net or having them feed into a basket.

It’s also has 5 different height settings, so you can position the net anywhere from 7.5-11.5 feet in height.

This again makes it great for younger players.

The PowerNet is quite quick to set up and pack down and comes with a carry bag for transportation.

Unfortunately the bag itself is quite poor quality as one user noticed it starting to fall apart after just a few uses!

Be sure to check out my full comparison of this net with the other best volleyball setting nets on the market.

Ideal For

  • All volleyballers, especially setters. Everyone regardless of position has to be able to set the volleyball accurately. Using a target net is one of the most effective ways of doing this.
  • Anyone balling on a budget. This is the most affordable setting net on the market!

Not Ideal For

  • More advanced setters. For setters who are already quite skilled, there’s more appropriate setter nets that are slightly more challenging. Be sure to check my full list of setting net recommendations.
Best Elastic Rebounder
Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

Perhaps you had something different in mind when searching for volleyball rebounders… If you happened to be searching for the best elastic volleyball rebound trainer, I’ve got you covered!

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Best At-Home Volleyball Serving Aid

This training tool allows users to efficiently practice both serving as well as spiking a volleyball at home on their own.

Usually practicing serving and spiking is very tedious and annoying if you don’t have a partner, because it simply isn’t feasible to be running after the ball you just hit.

A solo trainer overcomes that problem by returning the ball right back to you!

Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

This allows players to get tons of repetitions in which will help them develop at a much faster rate.

Perhaps your son or daughter is just getting into volleyball and is struggling to serve the ball over the net…

This is the quickest way I’ve seen to get your kid used to contacting the ball in the right location with power!

Bonus Inlcuded!

Volleyball Setting Aid

These things also come with a pair of setting straps which wrap around your hands to help encourage proper setting form without excessive hand contact.

Setrite Demo

The attachments prevent the ball from sitting in the palm of your hands when setting, forcing players to develop good technique.

Ideal For

  • Younger athletes who struggle with serving consistency. Serving the ball over the net can be tough for beginners. This training aid is one of the most effective ways at getting younger volleyballers serving over the net consistently.
  • Anyone not looking to spend a lot of money. This is definitely one of the more affordable pieces of volleyball training equipment.

Not Ideal For

  • More experienced volleyballers. If you’ve been playing for years, chances are you won’t get a ton of benefit from this tool. It’s more geared towards beginners.

Final Verdict?

I’m personally a huge proponent of using weighted volleyballs and so the Mikasa weighted volleyball is my top recommendation, especially for setters.

I’m also a massive fan of using a volleyball rebounder because of how simple and effective they are to use.

No other piece of equipment allows you to get so many touches on the volleyball so efficiently.

Lastly, if you’ve got the cash to spare, the Edge Pro volleyball spike trainer is the holy grail of at-home spike training.

I can only wish these things were around when I was learning how to spike!

Be sure to check out my full article detailing the best overall volleyball training equipment!

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