Mizuno Vs Asics Volleyball Shoes: In-Depth Comparison


You’ve been loyal to one volleyball shoe brand forever— Asics. I get it. Their shoes have been by your side for years, from club tryouts to championship tourneys. You’d never DREAM of switching teams. But here’s the thing: you’re not PLAYING for Mizuno or Asics. You’re playing for YOURSELF.

Finding the perfect volleyball shoe is tough. Do you go with what you KNOW and love? Or try something totally NEW? Asics has been good to you. But that Mizuno shoe keeps catching your eye. And hey, there’s nothing WRONG with wanting the best of BOTH worlds.

What can I say? When that PERFECT volleyball shoe finds your foot… it’s a match made on the COURT.

But here’s the thing. Don’t LIMIT yourself to just ONE BRAND because it’s not about the NAME on the shoe.

mizuno vs asics volleyball shoes

It’s about the FIT. The COMFORT. The way the shoe makes you FEEL when you’re DIVING for saves and SPKING for smashes.

So, do I have a DEFINITIVE winner between Mizuno vs. Asics volleyball shoes? Honestly, no. Here’s MY TAKE on these two volleyball SHOE GIANTS and how to choose the right one for YOUR game.

A Brief Take on the Brands

The Mizunos are featherlight rockets on your feet. Their wave technology absorbs the shock of hard spikes and dramatic dives. You’ll feel like you’re floating across the court. Their breathable mesh keeps you cool under pressure. Ideal for dynamic volleyball athletes seeking a responsive, energetic ride.

Asics are no slouch, either. Their Gel cushioning wraps your feet in plush comfort. Excellent shock absorption for those marathon tournaments. The Guidance Line technology helps maintain form and stability during sharp lateral movements. Asics specialize in protecting the feet- which is critical for volleyball players.

Mizuno Vs Asics Volleyball Kicks: What Makes Them Different

mizuno and asics- brief take on the brands

Although both brands make shoes that are exceptional to use, they do come with their own signature features and, obviously, some differences. You might have an excellent time using both of them, but it’s better to vet out their strong and weak links.

Once you have a clear image in your mind, you should be able to separate one from the other. It will help you know if the kicks you’re getting are appropriate to your taste and play style.

I’ve lined up a few differences between the two brands. If you aren’t the one to go through some extensive reading, then check out the advantages and disadvantages section.

The Overall Build: Durable or Not?

If you’re getting a pair of shoes for about a hundred dollars or more, then obviously, it has to be durable and made of materials that can endure the test of time. With Mizuno and Asics, you don’t have to worry about that, as both brands take durability into serious consideration.

Let’s begin with kicks from Mizuno. Most Mizuno volleyball shoes come with a feature called Dura Shield, which increases the lifespan of the kicks while protecting them against friction. Shoes from this brand are made up of high-quality materials to ensure they don’t tear or wear anytime soon.

Asics volleyball shoes are also known for their use of durability. In fact, some believe them to be even more durable than Mizuno kicks.

Most, if not all, shoes from Asics are made from the highest-grade materials. Asics incorporates a feature called the ‘The Asics Gel Technology‘ to improve the lifetime of their kicks.


In terms of durability, I think Asics has it better than Mizuno.

How it Feels to Wear Them: Comfort and Fit

Without comfort and a perfect fit, you’re sure to lose your edge in the game. Rest assured, both Mizuno and Asics produce the most comfortable shoes on the market, but the question is- which one is comfier?

Well, I’ve tested and used a generous number of shoes from both brands, and I think Mizuno kicks are slightly more comfortable than Asics volleyball shoes.

Most Mizuno shoes come with the Dynamotionfit System feature, which makes wearing a shoe feel like you’re wearing a glove. Basically, the kick is able to morph or change form according to the shape of your feet, giving you the perfect fit you desired for so long.

On the contrary, Asics volleyball kicks are also pretty comfortable to wear due to the Asics Gel technology. With forefoot cushioning and mesh upper sole, the kicks are able to keep your feet dry and cool even if you’re playing for a long time.

Save Yourself from Injuries: Stability and Support

You can’t call a volleyball shoe the best unless it provides the ultimate support and stability on the court. Here, ‘support’ and ‘stability’ refer to features like shock absorption and arch or ankle support to ensure your feet stay in one piece after the game.

Mizuno offers not one but two features to deal with this issue. First of all, the shoes feature Mizuno Wave technology, which allows them to distribute any impact evenly across the kick. Secondly, it features ‘Pebax parallel technology’ to maximize shock absorption during good and bad landing.

Asics, on the other hand, has equipped their shoes with the ‘Trusstic System.’ It enables the kicks to retain their structural integrity while reducing the sole’s weight. Overall, the technology allows the shoes to provide mid-foot stability and superior arch support.

In terms of support and stability, I’ll lean a little towards Asics. It’s probably a personal preference, so you might think differently.

The Better the Hold, the Better You’ll Perform: Traction and Grip

I think I’ve already mentioned this a dozen times in my previous blogs: Volleyball involves a lot of lateral movements, jumping, dashing, and diving. Unless your kicks are equipped with a state-of-the-art grip, you’re sure to lose balance in the field.

Asics volleyball shoes do a pretty good job of maximizing traction with the inclusion of rubber soles. I’ve tested a lot of kicks myself, and it is actually pretty great.

However, when it comes to traction and grip, Mizuno does it better. Most mid to high-end shoes of the brand feature non-marking X10 rubber soles, which results in better traction than the kicks from Asics. The grip is so strong that it almost eliminates the need for high socks.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

The Good

Features like the Dynamotion System ensure the perfect fit

Mizuno Wave technology and Dura Shield for extra stability and longevity

Come with non-marking X10 rubber soles for unmatched traction

The Bad

Most Mizuno volleyball shoes are more expensive than kicks from other brands

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Asics Volleyball Shoes

The Good

Outstanding durability and lifespan due to the Asics Gel technology.

Features Asics Trusstic System for maximum arch support and stabilitycushioning.

The Asics Gel technology for enhanced comfort.

The Bad

The overall traction quality is slightly poorer than one seen in Mizuno shoes.

The Moment of Truth: Which is Better, Mizuno or Asics


Summary of the most important concepts/key takeaways

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