5 Best Asics Volleyball Shoes: User Review in [2024]


Oh well, it’s 2024, and if you’re looking to refresh your game mid-season or if you’re wondering about the latest volleyball shoe improvements, you’re in the right place.

When it comes to sports footwear manufacturers, Asics is at the very top. They’ve established themselves at the forefront of indoor sports, and in 2024, they’re still producing some of the best volleyball shoes in the world.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Asics volleyball shoes in 2024.

Best Asics Volleyball Shoes

Top 5 ASICS Volleyball Shoes in 2024

ASICS have so far designed and produced probably hundreds of models of volleyball shoes and it’d be crazy to review them all (although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did precisely that). Therefore, in this buyer’s guide, I’ll only be focusing on the current models.

I’ll be rating them based on, first and foremost, personal experience, but also expert opinions from people I trust and feedback from users.

The five models I’m going for this year are the Sky Elite Flyte Foam (also simply known as Sky Elite FF), the Netburner Ballistic FF, the Upcourt 5, the Gel Rocket 11, and the Gel Rocket 10s.




Best Overall


Asics Sky Elite FF 2 Mid Women's Volleyball Shoes

Unmatched grip & bounce, perfect for top players.

Runner Up


Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoe

Especially good fit for hitters with their supreme jumping technology.

Best Budget


Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoe

Flexible, durable, and comfortable, making them a great choice for most positions.

Most Comfortable


Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoe

Mostly popular because of its ankle protection, while a lot of popularity has to be credited to its comfort!

Special Mention


Nike React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes

Smooth – that’s the one word I’d use to describe the Gel-Rocket 10 shoe. The GEL technology used in this shoe does wonders for jumping.

Why Choose ASICS for Volleyball?

ASICS is one of the longest-serving sports brands in the world, and according to hundreds of millions of people throughout the last fifty years, it’s the best manufacturer of sports equipment.

Why choose ASICS? Because some of the best professional athletes only trust ASICS. Novak Đoković, the best tennis player in the world, wears ASICS, as well as a few dozen long-distance runners, and Fred Kerley, the world champion sprinter.

When it comes to volleyball specifically, Yuji Nishida, one of the best volleyball players of his generation, and possibly the best Japanese player of all time, partnered with ASICS in 2020 – he’s still only wearing ASICS to this day!

On top of that, ASICS became the official footwear provider for Volleyball New Zealand in 2024, showing that this brand’s reputation is only headed upwards.

When it comes to volleyball shoes technology, ASICS is at the top of the game. A lot of their shoes incorporate the no-sew design to improve flexibility, while ASICS is also at the forefront of comfort with the newest sole technology.

This is, frankly, just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the technology employed by ASICS in their shoes, and we’ll talk about it more when we get to the specific models, while another thing a lot of people appreciate is their sustainable production process.

90% of their shoes contain recycled materials, a lot of their gear uses biomaterials, and by 2030, they’re aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 63%, as well as introduce a 100% renewable energy policy in their facilities. If you’re concerned about the environment and you want shoes made with a minimal carbon footprint, ASICS is the way to go.

The Importance of Right Volleyball Shoes

There are two things we need to discuss when we’re talking about the right shoes; shoes that fit you personally and shoes suitable for the sport.

The reason you need shoes that suit your feet well is because of performance, injury prevention, and comfort. If you have bad ankles (which I’m guilty of), you want shoes that offer ankle support and keep you safe from sprains, and if you’re wide-footed, you don’t want tight shoes that you’ll feel uncomfortable wearing. If you twist your ankle, your performance on the court will drop off, and the same can be said for being uncomfortable in your shoes.

This is why there’s a noticeable difference between shoe models when you put them on – they were tailored in different ways and for different requirements. Some models (which we’ll break down later) are a bit sturdier and maybe they wear you down a bit quicker, but they’re designed to protect the ankle.

All of this to say that you should always choose the shoes that fit you, not someone else, and shoes you feel good in. That’s the best way to stay comfortable and injury-free, which will translate into better performances on the court.

When it comes to sport-specific shoes, volleyball is similar to basketball as there’s a lot of jumping and short, sharp movements. There isn’t much running, and pretty much all the focus is on jumping. This is why volleyball shoes emphasize sole comfort, bouncing and foot security.

You want shoes that enable that. If you wear tennis shoes, for example, while playing volleyball, you’re at a significant disadvantage – you’ll get tired much quicker, and since the sole is thinner, landing after jumping will quickly induce discomfort and maybe even pain.

Volleyball shoes are specialized in providing better lift and a comfortable, cushioned, and safe landing. Shoes designed for other sports don’t offer that – it’s as simple as that.

Alright, now time to review the 5 best asics volleyball shoes.

Best Overall
ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam
I strongly believe, as do many other athletes, that these are the greatest volleyball shoes of all time And it’s not even close!
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Best Overall Asics Volleyball Shoes

The Asics Sky Elite FF are god tier volleyball shoes for so many reasons.

Quite often a volleyball shoe excels in one area yet lags in another, but not the Sky Elites. They’re the most well balanced, beautifully designed shoes I’ve ever worn.

The FlyteFoam cushioning is finally a midsole technology we can get excited about as volleyball players.

It not only adds a good bit of extra bounce when jumping, but has top tier impact protection so your knees won’t turn to dust from all of the spiking.

The shoe hugs your foot incredibly well and it’s one of the most secure and well locked down shoes I’ve ever felt.

On top of that, the traction is on another level. These things practically stick to the floor like glue which makes them awesome for all types of players.

It’s no wonder that the Sky Elites made it to my yearly list of the best volleyball shoes several years in a row, and the list for the 10 best volleyball shoes of 2024 is no different!

They’re also one of the best fitting shoes for wide feet, come in a range of really nice colorways, and are available in low and mid tops.

The only possible drawback, if you could even call it that, is that these shoes stand quite high off the ground due to all the tech they’ve packed into the midsole.

Certain players, mainly liberos, prefer a lower to the ground feel, so if that’s you, you might not love these as much as I do.

If you’re that player, be sure to check out my article which goes over the best shoes for liberos.

Ideal For

  • All volleyball positions. These are one of the few shoes I recommend to all players, regardless of their position.

Not Ideal For

  • Liberos, possibly. If you’re a libero who prefers a lower to the ground feel, these might be a little too high off the ground for you.

Runner Up
Asics Netburner Ballistic FF Volleyball Shoes

You’ll notice this shoe looks incredibly similar to the Sky Elite FF. It has a very similar design but is a slightly more affordable option.

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Also Great Asics Volleyball Shoes

The Netburner Ballistic FF are visually very similar to the Sky Elites with only a few differences, mainly being the materials and outsole design.

Both the Netburner Ballistic FF as well as the Sky Elites are known for their lateral stability with a nice wide outrigger which makes the shoe very hard to roll laterally.

This makes them great for hitters and blockers who risk landing on other players’ feet around the net and rolling ankles.

The Ballistic is considerably more narrow, however, so they’re definitely not a great choice for wider feet.

Several customers complained about rubbing up against the outside of their foot/toes due to the tight/narrow fit.

This issue has most certainly been resolved in the Sky Elites!

Ideal For

  • All volleyballers. These shoes, like the Sky Elites, have a little something for all positions and are a great all-rounder.

Not Ideal For

  • Wide feet. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless they know they have a narrow foot. Even for regular feet, I think it’s worth spending a few extra bucks to get the Sky Elites knowing you won’t have to worry about discomfort.

Best Budget
ASICS Upcourt 5

The ASICS Upcourt 5 volleyball shoes aren’t specialized like the other models on this list, but it’s beloved in the volleyball community because of its decent performance that comes at a very low price.

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Best Budget Asics Volleyball Shoes

The Upcourt 5s are comfortable and flexible, and it’s unlikely you’ll find more comfortable and flexible shoes at this price point. They’re designed to be adaptable to the foot and support the midfoot.

I wouldn’t expect miracles from these shoes, but as far as budget shoes go, it doesn’t get better than this.

To last as long as possible (and save you a few bucks), ASICS reinforced the toe and heel counter with durable panels that’ll slow the wear and tear down.

The obvious drawbacks in comparison to other shoes on this list are related to jumping. These shoes don’t offer much help when jumping and they don’t offer much cushioning when landing, which is why I wouldn’t recommend them to hitters.

Ideal For

  • Anyone on a budget. You won’t find better and more durable shoes at this price point.
  • Setters and liberos. Players who jump the least will get the most out of these shoes.

Not Ideal For

  • Hitters (or anyone jumping a lot). They don’t offer a lot of jumping support or cushioning when landing.

Most Comfortable
ASICS Gel-Rocket 11

The Gel Rocket 11s are by far the most comfortable ASICS volleyball shoes on the market, especially well-fitting for people with wider feet.

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There are a few things you’ll notice as soon as you put the Gel Rocket 11 on: they’re incredibly lightweight, very bouncy, and a pleasure to run around in. When it comes to comfort, it doesn’t get better than this (at least not for now).

The shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and very breathable because of a flexible upper construction. This is the GEL technology ASICS loves using in their shoes.

To improve stability and ensure that the ankle stays in its place, the heel is wrapped up and ASICS’s TRUSSTIC technology is used in the midsole to prevent your foot from overtwisting.

Something that a lot of people mention online is just how well these shoes fit wide-footed people, which is something you can’t say for every shoe model.

Is there anyone I wouldn’t recommend this shoe to? Possibly jumping players, specifically hitters. Although they’re not bad in any way, they were designed with middles in mind, and that’s who these shoes are for.

If you’re just a relaxed volleyball player playing it at a lower level though, and all you’re looking for is comfort – look no further!

Ideal For

  • Wide-footed players. These are essentially the best shoes for wide footed volleyball players.
  • Middles. They’re not necessarily bad for jumping players, but they weren’t designed for that, so middles will get the most use out of them.

Not Ideal For

  • Hitters. If you’re a hitter, you need shoes that offer more jumping support and cushioning.

Special Mention
Asics Gel Rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes
One of the longest standing volleyball shoes of all time, the Gel-Rockets are a super versatile and extremely responsive shoe that are great for certain types of players.
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Most Versatile Asics Volleyball Shoes

Just like the Upcourts, the Gel-Rockets are also a court shoe which volleyballers tend to love.

They’re basically a high end version of the Upcourt with improved cushioning and a much more fluid design making them better to jump in.

The cushioning system is still not incredible as the foam just isn’t on the level of the Sky Elites/Netburners.

Having said that, they’re a super responsive, really grippy shoe that are ideal for setter or liberos or even hitters who don’t do a crazy amount of jumping each week.

They’re also my favorite outdoor volleyball shoe as they’re super durable and handle concrete really well.

If you wanted something to wear for grass volleyball but didn’t want to buy a separate pair of shoes, these are also probably the best choice as the traction pattern on the outsole has a good bit of bite.

Ideal For

  • Setters and liberos. Athletes requiring a super responsive, low to the ground shoe will absolutely love these.
  • Outdoor and grass volleyball. The Gel-Rockets are the most durable of all the Asics shoes and have excellent traction on all types of outdoor courts.
  • Anyone on a budget. At under $100, these are one of the more affordable volleyball shoes.

Not Ideal For

  • Anyone doing a lot of jumping. With not so great cushioning, these aren’t the best shoes to jump in.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right ASICS Volleyball Shoes

There are a few things to consider when you’re buying your shoes: the level of the game, the type of fit, the playing surface, and the position, among other things.

Firstly, if you’re playing volleyball at a high level, you want the absolute best shoes – getting budget shoes won’t cut it unfortunately. Lower-level players can get away with budget shoes, but high-level players need specialized shoes that fit them well and are good for the position they’re playing in.

While we’re on the topic of fitting – there are shoes, such as the Gel Rocket 11s, which are a great fit for wide-footed players, but a lot of shoes, especially the ones designed for the Asian market, are narrow-footed. This is something you have to keep in mind when it comes to finding a good fit.

Your position will also have an effect on your choice. Hitters do more jumping than anyone else on the team, while middles and liberos do less jumping and more lateral movements than anyone else. This is why hitters need shoes with great cushioning, while this isn’t as important for liberos, middles and setters.

When you’re choosing your size, make sure to take a look at the sizing guide – every single volleyball shoe brand has one on their website. Choose the size according to the guide. Here’s the sizing guide for ASICS shoes.

Don’t forget to stretch and twist your shoes a bit before you put them on to break them in and to clean them regularly to keep them in a wearable condition for a long time.

Are Asics Good For Volleyball?

Put simply, Asics are great for volleyball.

Historically, Asics and Mizuno were known as the go-to brands for volleyball shoes.

Not too long ago, Nike, Adidas, and even Under Armour entered the market and became extremely popular amongst volleyballers.

But in recent times, I think Asics have reclaimed the crown as top dogs when it comes to volleyball shoes.

In my opinion, they’ve created the best volleyball shoe of all time in the Sky Elite FF and have certainly reestablished themselves as one of the key players in the industry!


Which ASICS model is best for volleyball?

The Sky Elite FF are by far the best ASICS volleyball shoes. They’re incredible in every aspect.

What are the best budget ASICS volleyball shoes?

The Upcourt 5s are the best ASICS budget shoes – they’re also very durable, so you won’t have to buy new shoes for a while.

Which ASICS model is best for outdoor volleyball?

ASICS Gel Rocket 10 is a very versatile pair of volleyball shoes and they’re great on concrete.

What are the most comfortable ASICS volleyball shoes?

The Gel Rocket 11s are the most comfortable ASICS volleyball shoes. They’re very light and they come with incredible sole cushioning, making you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud.

Final Verdict?

For serious volleyballers, you simply cannot beat the #1 shoe of 2024 which is the Asics Sky Elite FF. It’s hands down the best Asics volleyball shoe across the board.

If the Sky Elite was too rich for your blood, I’d recommend going for the Gel-Rocket 10 as it’s a good step down in price but still extremely solid overall and will do a good job in most positions.

If you’re brand new to volleyball, the Upcourt 4s are a super cheap option that definitely don’t suck and will do a decent job.

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