10 Best Volleyball Shoes For 2024 (The Ultimate Guide)


As a former international-level indoor volleyball player, I have personally tested an ungodly amount of volleyball shoes over the years.

Myself as well as head product tester, Caity Meale, are currently in the process of conducting detailed testing and performance reviews of each product listed in this article.

We must have looked at 15-20 shoes total and we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10, so you don’t have to waste time reading about the “28 best volleyball shoes” only to be no closer to the answer!

10 Best Volleyball Shoes – At A Glance




Best Overall


Asics Sky Elite FF 2 Mid Women's Volleyball Shoes

Great traction and cushioning, all while providing ankle stability.

Runner Up


Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoe

Especially good fit for hitters with their supreme jumping technology.

Most Popular


Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoe

Flexible, durable, and comfortable, making them a great choice for most positions.

Best For Ankle Support


Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoe

Mostly popular because of its ankle protection, while a lot of popularity has to be credited to its comfort!

Best For Basketball


Adidas Dame 7 Volleyball Shoe

Basketball shoes tend to perform exceptionally well for volleyball on outdoor courts and there’s no better option than the Adidas Dame 7.

Budget Frontcourt


Nike React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes

Smooth – that’s the one word I’d use to describe the Gel-Rocket 10 shoe. The GEL technology used in this shoe does wonders for jumping.

Budget Backcourt


Nike Hyperace 2 Volleyball Shoe

This basketball shoes are often worn for volleyball too. The support and cushioning they offer are just some of the reasons why.

Most Comfortable


Nike Hyperace 2 Volleyball Shoe

Ultra lightweight, springier than ever, and simply a joy to play in for all types of volleyball positions.

Premium Shoes


Adidas Dame 7 Volleyball Shoe

They stick to the floor like glue, have a super fluid heel-toe transition, strong support, and excellent shock absorption.

Also Great


Adidas Dame 7 Volleyball Shoe

This Shoes for setters, liberos, and outside hitters because of its great lightweight feel, strong traction, and decent cushioning. Plus they look incredible!

I suggest skimming through the descriptions of each shoe below and picking the one which best suits your individual needs as a volleyballer.

Best Volleyball Shoes

If you’re having a tough time deciding, at the end of the article I’ve included a list of the most important things to look for.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Overall
Asics Netburner Ballistic

A great choice for any experienced volleyball player. The Netburner Ballistic has great traction and cushioning, all while providing ankle stability. And I have to say that the design isn’t half-bad either.

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Best Overall Volleyball Shoes

Asics has been a globally popular volleyball shoe producer, and not without good reason. Their reliability continues with the Netburner Ballistic shoe line.

There are three positives that deserve pointing out: stability, traction, and cushioning.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people, and I can tell you that Asics’s TWISTRUSS technology is doing a great job at keeping you stable.

Simply put, the shoe keeps you stable when you’re jumping and landing.

To improve traction, the Netburner Ballistic uses a system called X Guidance. If you take a look at the sole, you’ll see that it forms an X, helping you stick to the ground.

Asics uses rubber with all its shoes, and the Netburner is no different, sticking you to the ground.

asics men's netburner ballistic ff volleyball shoe
Used – 1 Month

Finally, we have cushioning, which was improved thanks to FlyteFoam technology. FlyteFoam is high-density foam, made from so-called super fibers, offering great bounce.

The only drawback of this shoe is how narrow it is. If you have wide feet, it won’t be a good fit, and I’d suggest going for something else.

There are hundreds of reports with people saying it was too narrow and they had to opt for a different shoe!

This is a great shoe for people with bad ankles.

Recommended Use

I would recommend this shoe for any position on the court, as there are no obvious drawbacks that would make it a bad fit based on position.

It’s a great shoe overall, but be careful if you’re wide-footed, as the shoe is narrow towards the toes.

The Good

Great cushioning thanks to the FlyteFoam system.

X Guidance traction system keeps you glued to the court.

A very stable shoe – good for people with bad ankles.

The Bad

The shoe is narrow and not a good choice for wide-footed people.

Runner Up
Adidas CrazyFlight

Not only are they some of the best Adidas volleyball shoes – they’re some of the best volleyball shoes in general. They’re an especially good fit for hitters with their supreme jumping technology.

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Best Overall Volleyball Shoes – Runner Up

Adidas have done really well with these shoes, and they deserve this spot simply because of how durable they are, not to mention the jumping capabilities they provide.

To improve propulsion, Adidas uses their own technology called Adiprene+ in the forefoot and midfoot.

Improved jumping capabilities make this a great shoe for spiking.

adidas Womens Crazyflight Volleyball Shoe
Used – 1 Season

As I said before, it’s a durable shoe, just like most of their products. It uses a synthetic sole and a rubber outsole, ensuring it lasts a long time. The top part of the shoe is a breathable mesh with adjustable lacing.

This makes the shoe lightweight and easy on your feet, which is a big plus as nobody wants to feel like their feet are suffocating during a game!

The lightweight feel isn’t something to be taken lightly (pun intended). CrazyFlight won’t wear you down during an intense game or a training session, and this makes them great shoes for both purposes!

There isn’t anything bad to point out with them, but they perhaps weren’t specifically designed for volleyball, which is you might witness some heel slipping, although that also depends on the court!

The Good

Adiprene+ propulsion technology makes jumping easy.

Very lightweight and breathable – you won’t even feel them.

Synthetic sole and rubber outsole make this shoe long-lasting (and a smart investment).

The Bad

Some heel slipping, albeit rarely.

Most Popular
Asics Upcourt 5

The Upcourt 5 are some of the most popular volleyball shoes, and they’re often used for other sports, such as squash. These shoes are flexible, durable, and comfortable, making them a great choice for most positions.

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Most Popular Volleyball Shoes

There’s a good reason behind the popularity of these shoes. Asics has come through with a great design once again, offering comfort and stability, all for a relatively low price point!

The first thing you’ll notice about these shoes is that they’re very flexible.

You can easily bend them in your arms, twisting them completely, and it won’t ruin the shoe.

The Upcourt 5 isn’t as nearly as bulky as some other Asics models, making them noticeably lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Used – Only indoor

This doesn’t take anything away from their durability, as they use reinforced double panels at the toes and at the heel, ensuring that they serve you for a long time.

To ensure comfort, they use mesh paneling and thick mid-foot layers.

Design isn’t a make-or-break sale point, but I must admit that Asics really did their best with the design, letting you choose from many different color variations.

One thing I’m personally worried about is ankle protection. Although they seem stable, they were built for flexibility, and they don’t offer any additional protection for the ankles.

Recommended Use

A good all-around shoe that can be worn by any position on the court. I maybe wouldn’t recommend them for hitters because they’re focused on comfort and flexibility, not jumping, but they’re still a great fit in general!

The Good

Very flexible – these shoes aren’t bulky and you can bend them in many different ways without destroying them.

The lightweight design makes them easy on your feet and comfortable to wear.

Upcourt 5 shoes are durable – they use double paneling on the heel and toes.

Design variety – you can choose from many different designs!

The Bad

I don’t see a lot of ankle support with these shoes, and it makes me wonder how stable they are.

Best For Ankle Support
Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

The Wave Lightning Z6 is another model from the Wave Lightning line, mostly popular because of its ankle protection, while a lot of popularity has to be credited to its comfort!

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Best for Ankle Support

The Z6 shoes are comfortable and lightweight, but somehow still stiff enough to protect the ankles. They’re also plentiful when it comes to design – as you can choose from a lot of different colors, with both high and low shoes.

Starting off with comfort – that’s the first thing you’ll notice when you put them on.

They’re very easy to walk and run in, and they require very little breaking in.

Since they’re so lightweight, you won’t feel them on your feet.

mizuno men's lightning z6 volleyball shoe
Used – Fair

The cushioning and stability of these shoes keeps your ankles where they’re supposed to be, and this is the Wave technology we saw in all Wave Lightning shoes.

Truth be told, these shoes are on the bulkier side, but that doesn’t affect their comfort or weight, only providing more stability. I’m pointing it out, however, because some people prefer slimmer shoes.

A problem that often comes up with the Z6 is just how narrow they are. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone with wide feet, as they’ll almost certainly cause discomfort and maybe even some bruising.

Recommended Use

Anyone who wants additional ankle security. They can be worn by any player, but they’re especially popular with liberos.

The Good

Comfortable and lightweight – almost no breaking in necessary.

They provide a lot of stability for the ankles, ensuring you don’t twist them.

Reasonably flexible for their size.

You can choose from a host of different designs.

The Bad

They’re bulky – this doesn’t affect movement, but it may matter aesthetically.

These narrow shoes are a bad fit for anyone with wide feet – I wouldn’t recommend them in that case.

Best Basketball Shoe
Adidas Dame 7

Basketball shoes tend to perform exceptionally well for volleyball on outdoor courts and there’s no better option than the Adidas Dame 7.

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Best Basketball Shoes

The Dame 7s are my personal favorite volleyball shoe… err basketball shoe… for volleyball.

I’m a middle blocker/opposite who plays a lot and does a lot of jumping. For me, shock absorption is key as I want to protect my knee joints from overuse injuries like jumper’s knee.

The Dame 7s are widely regarded as having the best budget midsole of any basketball shoe – meaning the most shock absorption for you buck!

So far as impact protection goes, they’re the best shoe on this list.

They also have great durability and bite on outdoor courts.

The craziest thing about this shoe is that it’s on the heavier side, yet feels incredibly light and springy to wear.

The heel is very high up off the ground, making them a poor choice for liberos and defenders.

They are a little clunky and boot-like, which some players might not prefer.

adidas dame 7 basketball shoe
Used – 5 Months

The Dame 7s also come in a variety of unisex designs for women who don’t like the idea of wearing a men’s basketball shoe!

These are also considerably cheaper than every other shoe in this list, so they’re a great budget option and really excellent value for money.

Extremely good for wide feet! These are the widest shoes I’ve ever worn, so definitely not a great choice if you have narrow feet!

Recommended Use

Great option for any spikers who don’t want to spend a ton of cash on pricier volleyball shoes.

The Good

Excellent shock absorption.

Mid top design offers great ankle support.

Excellent traction compared to the Dame 8s.

Easily the most affordable volleyball shoes under $100!

The Bad

Slightly bulky and boot-like, perhaps not a great fit for setters and liberos.

Budget Frontcourt Shoe
Asics Gel-Rocket 10

Smooth – that’s the one word I’d use to describe the Gel-Rocket 10 shoe. The GEL technology used in this shoe does wonders for jumping.

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Budget Frontcourt Shoe

If you’re looking for an inexpensive frontcourt shoe, look no further. The Asics Gel-Rocket 10 is a relatively new design, using GEL cushioning technology for shock absorption.

This also makes the Gel-Rocket 10 one of the most comfortable volleyball shoes out there.

The Gel-Rocket 10 is noticeably more flexible than most volleyball shoes, letting you bend it any way you want to.

asics gel-rocket 10 volleyball shoes
Used – 3 days (1 hour each)

For stability, the Gel-Rocket 10 utilizes TRUSSTIC technology, which is just a fancy way of saying the sole weighs less without losing structural integrity, thus improving stability of the foot.

All in all, this is a great shoe on a budget, but I wouldn’t expect longevity. It is, after all, a budget shoe, making it a great choice if you’re looking for an all-round good shoe for a season of consistent gametime, but nothing more than that.

Recommended Use

Any position on the court – the shoe is flexible and comfortable enough regardless of position.

The Good

A very flexible shoe – you can bend it any way you want.

Good at shock absorption thanks to GEL technology.

Very comfortable.

Increased stability.

The Bad

This is a budget shoe, and as such, I wouldn’t rely on it for durability.

Budget Backcourt Shoe
Adidas Dame 8
These basketball shoes are often worn for volleyball too. The support and cushioning they offer are just some of the reasons why.
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Budget Backcourt Shoe

Dame 8 is technically a basketball shoe, but you won’t notice the difference if you play volleyball in them.

The grip and the bounce they provide are the two most prominent things about this shoe.

Dame 8’s outsole is completely rubber, providing great grip, and although the shoe is a bit on the heavier side because of all the rubber, you can get used to it when you play.

adidas unisex-adult dame 8 basketball shoe
Used – 2 Months

To compensate for the heavy rubber, Adidas used a breathable mesh for the top part of the shoe, thus losing some of the weight.

Adidas used Bounce Pro technology, which uses dual-density materials for cushioning and support when you jump.

The fact that it fits wide-footed people well is a great addition!

All in all, Dame 8 is a great budget shoe, but it has a few issues. As I said before, it’s on the heavier side, and you’ll definitely feel that to a certain extent. Secondly, some players report that the rubber doesn’t handle dust well, and traction can be a problem on a dusty court.

Recommended Use

Anyone looking for a good budget shoe, regardless of position. This shoe justifies its price point easily.

The Good

Good traction (on a clean court).

Great support and cushioning when you jump.


A good fit even for wide-footed people.

The Bad

Slightly heavy – despite the lightweight fabrics, the rubber sole adds a lot of weight. This requires some getting used to.

Rubber soles lose traction on dusty courts!

Most Comfortable
Mizuno Wave Momentum 2

Mizuno’s latest and greatest volleyball shoe is ultra lightweight, springier than ever, and simply a joy to play in for all types of volleyball positions.

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Most Comfortable Volleyball Shoes

The first thing you notice about the Momentum 2, is that it’s lighter than a feather.

This is awesome if you subscribe to the notion that lightweight shoes help you jump higher!

mizuno wave momentum 2
Used – A Few Times

This is another premium volleyball shoe with a premium price tag, but it’s well worth it for any athlete who takes the game of volleyball seriously.

My favorite thing about this volleyball shoe is the extra bounce it gives when jumping, making it perfect for anyone playing in the front court.

One of my biggest concerns with volleyball shoes is lack of shock absorption which, if you’re doing lots of jumping, can be really rough on your joints.

The Wave Momentum 2 are not as good as the original Momentums on this front. They basically traded shock absorption for extra bounciness.

They also have a fairly high mid top design meaning more ankle support when landing around the net.

They’re also perfect for wide feet!

Recommended Use

The Wave Momentum 2s are excellent for anyone who wants an extremely lightweight, super bouncy shoe that’ll make you feel like you’re jumping out of the gym!

The Good

Ultra lightweight and super bouncy.

Fantastic traction and responsiveness.

Mid top design adds increased ankle support.

The Bad

Cushioning/shock absorption isn’t as good as the original Wave Momentums.

Definitely on the more expensive side.

Premium Shoes
ASICS Women's Sky Elite FF2
This is quite simply the best volleyball shoe we’ve seen hit the market in recent years. They stick to the floor like glue, have a super fluid heel-toe transition, strong support, and excellent shock absorption.
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Premium Shoes

With most volleyball shoes there’s usually something that could be improved or tweaked to make them better.

But there are literally no flaws with this shoe.

This shoe is often described as a hybrid between a volleyball shoe and a basketball shoe.

If you know me, you’ll know I think the best volleyball shoes are basketball shoes, so you know I liked the sound of that!

As far as traction goes, there is no better volleyball shoe. These are super sticky on the ground, which is great for all volleyball positions, but especially good for defensive specialists.

Having said that, the only possible drawback of this shoe is that it has quite a thick sole, meaning it’s quite high up off the floor.

For some back court players who like to feel closer to the floor, this might not be a perfect match after all

For most attackers, however, this is only going to make you feel more dominant at the net, so I see it as a positive.

It’s the perfect shoe for jumping in because of that thick, soft sole which gives plenty of cushioning when landing.

You can jump all day in these without your knees turning to dust!

The heel-toe transition feels perfect and you definitely get a really springy bounce from these shoes when jumping.

They’re ridiculously comfortable also.

asics sky elite ff mid top 2 volleyball shoes
Another perfect for volleyball

Ankle support feels very secure and it’s super locked down inside.

Historically, Asics haven’t been known for making super stylish shoes, but these red Tokyo Sky Elites are super aesthetic looking.

Everyone in the gym will know you you’re a serious baller when you whip these out of your volleyball bag!

These shoes are wide feet approved!

Can I end this article right here? Honestly, I would need a very good reason to buy any other volleyball shoe right now…

Recommended Use

This shoe works great for virtually every position on court, although the midsole might be slightly too thick for some liberos who prefer a lower to the ground feel.

If that’s you, check out my article discussing the best volleyball shoes for liberos instead.

The Good

One of the most advanced cushioning setups of any volleyball shoe midsole ever!

Ideal for volleyballers doing a lot of jumping and landing (i.e. spikers).

The mid top design offers exceptional ankle support and tends to fit better overall than the low tops.

The Bad

On the slightly more expensive side.

Also Great
Li-Ning All City 10 Cotton Candy
The All City 10 is one of my favorite shoes for setters, liberos, and outside hitters because of its great lightweight feel, strong traction, and decent cushioning. Plus they look incredible!
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Also Great

The setter position is one which requires a unique blend of responsiveness, lateral support, and cushioning/impact protection.

You’ll also probably want to feel lower to the ground as a setter, which rules out a bunch of my earlier recommendations.

li-ning all city 10 cotton candy

Outside hitters have pretty much the exact same requirements the way I see it, and the Li-Ning All City 9s or 10s check all of these boxes.

They’re nice and low, extremely responsive with incredible traction, and also have a really solid cushioning system, making them great for passing, hitting, and all of the movements setters perform, front court and back court.

These shoes also have a reputation for being some of the most comfortable shoes on the market – they even look like you’re walking on clouds when wearing them!

The All City 9s are very similar to the All City 10s, so go for whichever tickles your fancy. They have some amazingly vibrant unisex colorways which makes these great for both men and women.

These shoes have the wide feet check of approval!

Recommended Use

Another fantastic highly responsive option for both setters and passer hitters.

The Good

Cushioning setup is on the better side: bounce and impact protection is on point.

Fantastic option for wide feet!

Great choice for anyone who prefers a lower to the ground shoe.

Absurdly stylish with tons of cool colorways!

The Bad

Could be a little cheaper…

Final Verdict?

Having worn a few of these shoes, I personally think the Asics Netburner Ballistic is so far ahead of the pack in terms of being the full package. For me, it’s the perfect volleyball shoe.

If you are balling on a budget, either the Adidas Dame 8 or Asics Gel-Rocket 10 are your best options.

For setters and outside hitters, definitely give the Li-Ning All Citys a crack, and if you want premium then you can go Asics Sky Elite FF2.

At the end of the day, every one of these shoes are on the list because they are exceptional in their own right, so it really doesn’t matter which one you pick.

If you can’t decide, just pick the one you think looks the coolest!

Or keep reading to learn more about what things you need to be aware of when buying volleyball shoes…

What To Look For In A Volleyball Shoe?

Volleyball shoes vary a lot in design because of the unique needs of the various different volleyball positions.

What a middle blocker does during a volleyball match is extremely different to what the libero does, and their shoes should reflect this.

I’ve written a more detailed break down of the best shoes for hitters in a separate article, so if you’re spiking the ball a lot, be sure to check that out.

I’ll briefly run though the design aspects I looked at to help me decide which of the above volleyball shoes were worth recommending.

Ankle Support

Any sport where jumping and lateral movement is involved requires a fairly hefty amount of ankle support.

Volleyball is definitely one of those sports and in my opinion, the more ankle support the better!

Some defensive specialists, particularly ones with exceptional body control, will need less ankle support and can instead opt for a lighter weight, more flexible shoe to increase their court agility.

Volleyballers doing a lot of spiking and blocking need to prioritize ankle support.

Shock Absorption

I believe this is the most important factor to consider for volleyballers who do a lot of jumping (outside hitters, middle blockers, and opposites).

Every time you jump, or land from a jump, your joints take a hit.

If your shoes absorb force poorly, that pressure will slowly wear your knees down until you’re left with a chronic overuse injury like tendonitis.

This is one of the main reasons I often recommend basketball shoes for volleyballers, because they’re designed with these landing forces in mind.

As a middle blocker myself, this is why my favorite shoe is the Adidas Dame 7.

Traction & Grip

Half of the issue when it comes to traction is how well maintained the court is.

If the court you’re playing on is regularly cleaned and not dusty, chances are most shoes will do a decent job in the grip department.

Old shoes with worn tread are clearly going to be a problem on any court, which is why it’s important to replace old and worn out kicks.

Most courts will be somewhat dusty though, so having shoes with decent traction will always be beneficial.

The Asics Sky Elite FF shoes are the best of the above 5 so far as traction goes.

If you’re primarily playing on an outdoor court, the Hypersets or Dame 7s or are by far the best choice however.


It’s difficult to quantify exactly how important having a lightweight shoe is.

Certainly it’s not ideal to have great big bulky shoes, but nowadays most shoes are fairly similar in terms of weight.

The Mizuno Wave Momentum 2s are easily the lightest shoe on my list and are considerably lighter than most of the others.

Perhaps more important than weight is how mobile, flexible, and agile the shoe allows you to be on court.

The Mizunos along with the Hypersets allow for extremely quick and precise movements, much to the libero’s delight.


There’s definitely something to be said for how confident a shoe can make you feel on court.

If I’m wearing a crisp new pair of all white HyperAces, I’m going to feel a lot more powerful and explosive on court than I would if I was wearing an old pair of worn out trainers…

Your kicks say a lot about you as a volleyballer.

If you show up to the court in some Sky Elite FFs, we know you mean business!

Whichever shoe you get, make sure you like the way it looks as well as the way it feels.

It’ll make you play better.

Best Place To Buy Volleyball Shoes?

In an ideal world, the best place to get volleyball shoes would be a brick and mortar sports store where you can try the shoes on before purchasing.

Ensuring you’ve got the right fit is pretty important.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare to find volleyball shoes in sports stores these days, which is why most people turn to the internet to buy their shoes.

After writing over 50 articles on volleyball shoes, I’ve learned which sites work best and offer the biggest range at the most affordable prices.


My first preference is usually Amazon for a couple of reasons.

  • Huge range of shoes from each of the major manufacturers.
  • Frequent discounts.
  • Competitive range of sizes.
  • Plenty of information regarding whether the shoe runs big or small and what size is best to get.
  • Super quick and easy checkout and fast shipping so you can be playing in your new shoes sooner!
  • Easy returns.

For those reasons, I tend to mostly link to Amazon in my articles.

I’ve also found that Amazon will often have a wider range of sizes as well as shoes that have been discontinued by the manufacture.

All Volleyball

The next best place to get volleyball shoes is unquestionably All Volleyball who are a US based warehouse that provide a massive range of shoes and equipment.

Often they’ll have shoes you can’t even find on Amazon and their prices are almost always slightly more affordable than on Amazon.

What Are The Best Volleyball Shoe Brands?

While some other companies like Under Armour do make a couple volleyball shoes, there are really only 4 major volleyball shoe brands.

The 4 best volleyball shoe brands are Asics, Mizuno, Nike, and Adidas.

Many moons ago, Mizuno and Asics were the top dogs when it came to volleyball shoes. This was mainly because these were the only brands making volleyball-specific shoes.

Nike and Adidas jumped into the volleyball shoe game not so long ago and have been making some really quality shoes.

These two companies have been known more for their basketball shoes, but luckily most basketball shoes double as pretty decent volleyball shoes.

While Nike is now marketing shoes as specifically designed for volleyball, Adidas tends to market more to the general court sport (handball/squash/badminton) market.

What Are The Most Popular Volleyball Shoes?

Not too long ago, if you were to look around most volleyball courts, you’d probably see a lot of Mizunos and Asics being worn.

These two brands have been the most popular for a long time now, however Nike is definitely eating into their market share.

In recent times, a lot of the top pros in the world have been seen wearing the Nike React Hypersets as depicted below.

Professional Volleyball Player Shoes

Looks like a couple Mizunos in there but the Nikes are certainly becoming very trendy today!

What Are The Most Comfortable Volleyball Shoes?

Having worn the Asics Sky Elite FF shoes, I would submit these as the most comfortable volleyball shoe because of how well she shoe locks the heel down.

Of my list, the Nike HyperAces are also said to be extremely comfortable because of the very thick padding around the ankle, yet highly flexible upper.

Having worn the Dame 7s I can also say they feel incredible, especially for someone with such wide feet.

How Should Volleyball Shoes Fit?

Volleyball shoes should fit snug around your foot, without too much looseness around the heel.

They shouldn’t be too tight around the sides of your feet, which can cause discomfort after long games.

I’ve included information about which shoes fit well for people with wide feet in each of the above write-ups.

But if your heart’s set on the look of a certain shoe that isn’t ideal for wide feet, I’d suggest buying half a size higher than normal.

In a perfect world, we’d be able to try before we buy, but that’s simply not an option for a few of these shoes.

Do Volleyball Shoes Run Small Or Big?

The vast majority of volleyball shoes run true to size, however Adidas has been known to make a shoe on the smaller side, so consider going up half a size with Adidas.

Are Volleyball Shoes Supposed To Be Tight?

When you’re playing a sport like volleyball which requires a lot of jumping and rapid changes of direction, it’s best to get shoes that fit fairly snug and can be laced up quite tight.

Obviously you don’t want the shoe to be too tight and so I highly recommend taking heed of my wide feet warnings!

Ideally you’d like the heel to be locked down nice and secure so there’s minimal movement during these explosive movements.

Volleyball Shoe FAQ

Below I’ve taken the time to answer a few of your most commonly asked volleyball shoe questions.

How often should you replace volleyball shoes?

If you take good care of your volleyball shoes, they should last a number of years.

It’ll depend quite a bit on whether you’re using them on indoor courts exclusively and whether you take them off after playing or walk them out to the carpark.

Even if you’re playing volleyball multiple times a week, you should get at least a year or two out of them before they might need replacing.

What are the lightest volleyball shoes?

The Mizuno Wave Momentum 2s are widely regarded as the lightest volleyball shoe on the current market. If you include basketball shoes as well then you’ve got the Nike Giannis Immortality which is lighter still!

What shoes does Yuji Nishida wear?

Yuji Nishida typically wears the Asics Sky Elite FF Tokyo edition.

Nishida is one of only two volleyball athletes sponsored by Asics, so if he’s not wearing the Sky Elites, it’s often something similar.

Are volleyball shoes good for lifting?

Volleyball shoes are definitely not ideal for lifting weights in.

Many volleyball shoes have quite a thick, soft sole which makes lifts like squats and deadlifts a very bad idea.

The Adidas Stabil Next Gen volleyball shoes are low enough to the ground that they’d probably be fine to lift in.

Although still not recommended, if you’re just doing general fitness workouts in the gym, most volleyball shoes will probably be fine.

Can you use indoor soccer shoes for volleyball?

Indoor soccer shoes are not suitable for volleyball and will probably be quite uncomfortable to play in.

Indoor soccer shoes aren’t designed for jumping.

They have a flat sole with a poor heel-toe transition, making jumping inefficient and landing even worse due to the minimal shock absorption.

Are volleyball and squash shoes the same?

Squash shoes are similar to volleyball shoes and most people will happily wear them interchangeably.

If you’re a front court volleyballer doing a lot of hitting, I’d avoid most of the court shoes marketed towards squash or badminton as you’d be better off going for something closer to a basketball shoe.

Impact protection is extremely important in volleyball shoes and a lot of the squash shoes have quite thin soles which will put stress on your joints after a considerable amount of jumping.

Are volleyball shoes non-slip?

Volleyball shoes are indeed non-slip and most of them have exceptionally good traction patterns for both indoor and outdoor courts.

Are volleyball shoes worth it?

Volleyball shoes are certainly worthwhile if you’re regularly playing volleyball.

Due to the nature of the sport, unless you have basketball shoes or certain generic court shoes, you’ll benefit greatly by having some shoes designed specifically for the volleyball court.

Most cross trainers will be fine for beginners to wear but they’ll notice significant performance benefits by investing in some volleyball shoes.

What are the best youth volleyball shoes?

Youth volleyball shoes are no different to adult volleyball shoes.

Any of the recommendations I’ve made here today will be suitable for volleyball players of any age.

What are the best looking volleyball shoes?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Personally I prefer the look of Adidas shoes but I also think the Li-Ning All City line looks amazing as well as the Nike Hypersets.

Our Top Recommendation

Asics Sky Elite FF 2 Mid Women's Volleyball Shoes

Asics Netburner Ballistic

A great choice for any experienced volleyball player. The Netburner Ballistic has great traction and cushioning, all while providing ankle stability. And I have to say that the design isn’t half-bad either.

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