5 Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos In 2022

As back court specialists, liberos perform a very different set of actions to the other volleyball positions.

As such, their shoes should reflect this and will often by quite different to the shoes worn by hitters.

Liberos need responsive, low to the ground shoes which assist them in passing and digging the ball.

Like setters, liberos have less need for ankle support and impact protection as they’re not doing much jumping.

At the end of this article I’ll go into more detail as to exactly what criteria I used to determine the current best shoes for liberos.

But for now, let’s dive straight into the list!

Best Overall

Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno Wave Momentum 2

The Wave Momentum 2 is an extremely lightweight shoe with excellent responsiveness and traction. This shoe is a bouncier version of the original Momentums and is ideal for any back court specialist.

2. Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Volleyball Shoes

The Wave Momentums are known for being as light as a feather, which makes them great for back court specialists who don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a clunky boot!

The traction is excellent and the shoe has a great amount of forefoot flex which allows players to make highly agile movements.

The main difference between the Momentum 2 and the original Momentum is that they reduced the impact protection/cushioning and increased the springiness.

This is problematic if you’re a front court player doing a ton of jumping, but it’s actually perfect for liberos who have far less stress on their joints.

It comes in both men’s and women’s sizes in a variety of colorways and is suitable for wide feet.

Ideal For

  • Liberos who prefer a lightweight shoe. The Momentum 2 is definitely one of the lighter shoes on this list.
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Runner Up

Nike React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes

Nike React Hyperset

Nike’s most popular volleyball shoe is well regarded as having excellent court feel for liberos who prefer standing lower to the ground.

This highly responsive shoe is well known for having great traction even on slightly dusty courts.

1. Nike React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes

I’ve selected the Hypersets as one of my top libero shoes for a few key reasons…

The sole is quite thin, relative to other volleyball shoes. This gives the Hypersets a nice, low to the ground feel which is highly sought after by liberos.

The traction pattern on these kicks is incredible and they’re widely viewed as having the best grip on the market.

This is important for liberos who often have to make several micro adjustments when digging and passing volleyballs.

This is one of the most popular volleyball shoes in professional volleyball for a good reason!

Unfortunately they fit on the tighter side and aren’t great for wide feet.

If you have a wider foot and still want to grab some Hypersets, consider going up 1/2 a size.

Ideal For

Not Ideal For

  • Wide feet. As mentioned, these fit very snug around the sides and may feel too tight if you have wide feet.
  • Anyone balling on a budget. This is the most expensive volleyball shoe on the market!
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#3, Also Great

Asics Sky Elite Volleyball Shoes

Asics Sky Elite FF

The Asics Sky Elite FF is the single best all-round volleyball shoe and is exceptionally comfortable and responsive on court.

3. Asics Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoes

The Asics Sky Elite FF was rated my number 1 volleyball shoe of 2022 for a good reason… It’s virtually flawless.

I absolutely love playing in these shoes for so many reasons.

They’re ultra responsive with super sticky grip, they have incredible support and impact protection, and they look awesome.

But there is one negative which only really affects liberos, and that’s that they have quite a thick sole, making them quite high up off the ground.

That doesn’t necessarily make them less functional for liberos, but is more of a personal preference thing than anything.

Ideal For

  • Literally all volleyball players. These shoes belong in a league of their own, they’re that good!

Not Ideal For

  • Liberos who like feeling lower to the ground. With quite a thick sole, these aren’t the shoe for you.
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Best Budget Shoe

Giannis Immortality

The Giannis Immortality basketball shoe is extremely lightweight and responsive which makes it one of the better shoes to wear for the libero position.

4. Nike Giannis Immortality

Yes, this is a basketball shoe.

And it’s a basketball shoe that’s absolutely perfect for liberos to wear.

It’s actually quite a bit lighter than even the Mizuno Momentum 2!

The court traction is one best of any shoe on the current market and it barely picks up any dust.

They also function exceptionally well for anyone playing on outdoor courts.

The Immortalities are super flexible through the forefoot which helps with comfort and responsiveness when defending.

They’re also nice and low to the ground which all liberos love.

Lateral stability and containment are quite decent in this shoe also, although possibly not ideal for very heavy athletes.

But we’re talking about liberos here so not a big deal.

The Immortalities are a unisex shoe and come in a variety of neutral colorways and are fine for wide feet.

Ideal For

  • Liberos balling on a budget! This shoe costs less than $100 making them considerably cheaper than most on this list.
  • Liberos who like very lightweight shoes. This is, by a decent margin, the lightest shoe on my list!

Not Ideal For

  • Very large/heavy athletes. Heavier players may experience some issues with lateral stability in these shoes.

#5, Also Great

Adidas Stabil Next Gen Volleyball Shoes

Adidas Stabil Next Gen

Adidas designed this shoe originally for European handball which just happens to work really nicely for liberos. It’s one of the more responsive shoes and fits like a sock!

5. Adidas Stabil Next Gen Volleyball Shoes

One of the coolest things about this shoe is that the tongue and the upper are one in the same, which makes it feel like you’re wearing a sock.

It conforms to the shape of your foot extremely nicely and is one of the most responsive feeling shoes on court.

The sole is quite thin with minimal but adequate cushioning, making you feel connected to the court, a libero’s dream!

Coming in both men’s and women’s sizes, this shoe has a few cool colorways and is one of the best looking court shoes I’ve ever seen!

Ideal For

  • All liberos. This is a super solid overall shoe designed specifically for back court players.

Not Ideal For

  • Wide feet. These shoes will become pretty uncomfortable for players with wide feet. Consider a different shoe or order 1/2 a size larger.

Final Verdict?

For those not wanting to spend a ton of money, the Giannis Immortality is by far the best budget shoe on this list.

The performance you get for under a hundred bucks is exceptional.

For the liberos willing to invest, the Mizuno Wave Momentum 2s will be one of the best overall choices or if you can get your hands on them, the Nike React Hypersets are a truly beautiful defensive volleyball shoe.

If you aren’t a pure libero and still occasionally hit the ball, the Asics Sky Elite FF or Wave Momentum 2 shoes will be your best options.

What Do Liberos Need In A Volleyball Shoe?

Liberos are the most unique position on the volleyball court.

They don’t hit the ball which means they don’t jump, which also means they have entirely different requirements when it comes to things like ankle support and impact protection.

There are three key things liberos should look for in a shoe.


Responsiveness entails everything from how the shoe sticks to the court (traction), how it restricts movement (forefoot flex), and weight.

The last thing you want as a libero is to be wearing a shoe that feels slow and clunky, like you’re wearing a boot.

You want something that conforms to the shape of your foot and allows you to make precise, agile movements.

Sole Thickness

Most liberos also want to feel nice and low to the ground.

Some volleyball shoes have a very thick midsole which gives them great cushioning, but a very high off the ground feel.

What Liberos Don’t Need

Because liberos do no jumping, they don’t need exceptional cushioning or impact protection in their shoes in the same way hitters do.

They also don’t need as much ankle support since they’re not at risk of landing awkwardly from spiking/blocking.

Instead, liberos can trade out these features for lighter, more responsive shoes that also have decent lateral support and containment for sideways shuffling movements.

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