6 Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball In 2022

Yes, you can wear basketball shoes for volleyball.

In fact basketball shoes are quickly becoming extremely popular, showing up on a large number of volleyball courts around the world.

The reason is because a number of these shoes actually perform better than volleyball shoes for certain positions on the court.

There’s also a much bigger selection of shoes that look way cooler too!

I’ve personally worn basketball shoes on the volleyball court for a number of years now and know exactly what to look for.

For those of you who want more information on how I selected these shoes, I’ll explain in further detail at the end of the article.

But for now, let’s get into my list of the best basketball shoes for volleyball in 2022!

Best Overall Shoe

Adidas Dame 7s Volleyball Shoe

Adidas Dame 7s

The Dame 7s are well known for their lightweight feel and extra bounce they give when jumping. The cushioning system is far more advanced than a typical volleyball shoe, making this ideal for any front court player doing plenty of jumping.

Best Overall Basketball Shoe For Volleyball

The Dame 7s found their way into my top 5 volleyball shoes for 2022, even though they’re a basketball shoe…

That should tell you something!

These kicks are well known for their exceptional cushioning system, which makes them incredibly comfortable.

In volleyball that translates to impact protection which is one of the most important things for anyone doing a lot of jumping.

This is also one of the springiest shoes around, so they feel incredible to jump in.

The other great thing about the Dame 7s is that they’re cheap!

This shoe, if it didn’t win my overall best basketball shoe, would have easily won best budget basketball shoe for volleyball.

They’re great for wide feet and are a unisex shoe coming in a variety of colorways, making them great for all volleyball hitters.

Ideal For

  • Middles and opposites. Anyone who does a lot of jumping and spiking will love these. That includes outside hitters, but I have a better recommendation for you guys coming up!
  • Anyone balling on a budget. This shoe is significantly more affordable than almost all volleyball shoes on the market!

Not Ideal For

  • Back court players. This shoe is fairly high up off the ground which isn’t ideal for liberos.
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Runner Up

Nike KD14 Shoe For Volleyball

Nike KD14

The KD14 is a more premium version of the Dame 7s with a state of the art cushioning system and superior traction, making them suitable even for outside hitters.

Runner Up – Nike KD14

Heralded as one of the greatest basketball shoes of all time, the Nike KD14 functions exceptionally well as a volleyball shoe for front court players.

The traction/grip is one of the biggest stand outs for this shoe, making it an awesome option for outside hitters, opposites, middles, and setters.

While a few people complain that the cushioning on the Dame 7s is a little too soft, the KD14s seem to have got the balance just right.

One little pet peeve of mine is the strap.

It can make the shoe difficult to lace up, but it’s not a big issue.

Some people actually think it’s great because it improves lockdown support through the midfoot.

The KD14 is also a unisex shoe available in a variety of colorways and is suitable for wide feet.

Ideal For

  • All front court players. Including outside hitters and setters who don’t mind being feeling a little high up off the ground.

Not Ideal For

  • Players on a budget. This is a premium shoe with quite the premium price tag!
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Best Budget Shoe

Giannis Immortality For Volleyball

Nike Giannis Immortality

This shoe is lighter than a feather, making it ultra responsive and an ideal candidate for any libero or setter who needs plenty of agility on the volleyball court.

Best Budget Basketball Shoe For Volleyball

Finally we have a shoe for the liberos who have been neglected thus far on my list.

This shoe is far lighter than all of the other shoes in this article, making it highly responsive and perfect for both liberos and setters who may need to sprint after volleyballs from time to time.

The cushioning is quite rudimentary but this is fine as back court players don’t do a lot of jumping and don’t have as much need for shock absorption.

These usually sell for around $80, so they’re great for back court specialists who want to save a few bucks.

Ideal For

  • Liberos and setters. If you’re a setter who doesn’t do much jumping and tends to play mainly from the back court, these are a decent budget shoe for you.
  • Anyone on a budget. This is another unisex shoe making them great for both men and women who don’t want to fork out a ton of cash for volleyball shoes.

Not Ideal For

  • Very heavy players. While lateral containment and stability is actually quite solid overall, I can see heavier players potentially having issues with the fairly cheap material.

Best For Hitters

Nike Lebron 18 Volleyball Shoes

Nike Lebron 18

Nike’s most premium shoe line has created one of the most comfortable, supportive, and springy shoes money can buy with the Lebron 18s.

Best Basketball Shoe For Volleyball Hitters

My friend at the gym won’t stop talking about how incredible these shoes are!

Like the KD14s, the Lebron 18s have one of the most advanced cushioning systems in the industry, making these perfect for both middle blockers and opposites who need that extra impact protection.

They don’t have the greatest lateral stability, so not ideal for outside hitters who do a fair bit more passing and digging than middles and opposites.

With an air max cushion unit in the midsole, this is the ultimate option for opposite hitters who are primarily concerned with jumping high when spiking and blocking.

The Lebron 18s are made from premium materials and are highly durable, but only if playing indoors. The tread on the outsole won’t last long outdoors.

But you’ll definitely get more than just a couple seasons out of them if you play on indoor courts and take good care of them.

Also check out my full article on the best volleyball shoes for hitters.

Ideal For

  • Opposites and middles. Potentially not ideal for outside hitters who do more lateral movements, as lateral containment is not a focal point of these shoes.

Not Ideal For

  • Back court players. This shoe stands very high off the ground which is not preferred by defensive minded players.
  • Anyone on a budget. This is a really expensive shoe.
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Also Great For Hitters

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump Volleyball Shoes

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump

Another brilliant shoe for the taller volleyball positions who seek ankle support and extreme bounce. These shoes are great for opposites and middle blockers who want to jump as high as humanly possible!

Best Heavy Duty Basketball Shoe For Volleyball

Nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to find shoes with exceptional ankle support.

They simply don’t make them like they used to!

Having said that, this is one of the most supportive shoes on the market with the highish top design.

So for any volleyballers doing a lot of jumping and landing around the net (I’m looking at you middle blockers), this shoe will help protect you from awkward landings and sprained ankles.

These might also be the springiest shoes ever created, which makes them great for middles who need that fast bounce when blocking quick attacks.

The shoe is also very lightweight and breathable despite having so much tech packed into the midsole.

Ideal For

  • Middles and opposites who like extra springy shoes.

Not Ideal For

  • Everyone else. Most other positions may find these shoes too bouncy that it’s borderline distracting!

Best For Back Court

Li-Ning All City Volleyball Shoes

Li-Ning All City

This shoe is not only a thing of beauty, but performs exceptionally well for outside hitters, setters, and liberos who need a responsive and supportive shoe.

Best For Liberos & Setters

The Li-Ning All City line has produced some of the coolest looking basketball shoes of all time.

I believe these particular shoes also have perfect design characteristics for outside hitters and setters.

They feel pretty low to the ground and are extremely responsive with amazing traction – making life really easy for outsides when passing the volleyball.

They’ve also got a good amount of bounce and solid lateral support, making them more than good enough for jumping in around the net.

Liberos can even wear these if they want something a little more premium than the Giannis Immortality.

They come in some awesome unisex colorways which are great for the ladies. Both the All City 9 and 10s are excellent, very similar shoes.

Ideal For

  • Setters, liberos, outside hitters. These shoes are a great middle ground between a pure libero’s shoe and an attacker’s shoe, making them great for setters and outsides.

Not Ideal For

  • Middles and opposites. By no means would these be bad for the larger player on court, but there’s simply better, more specific options for these positions.
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Final Verdict?

For those of you not looking to spend too much money, the Giannis Immortality (for setters and liberos) or the Dame 7s (for attackers) are going to be your best options.

For the middle blockers who want maximum spring and support, go for the G.T. Jumps or Lebron 18s.

For opposite hitters in the same boat, I’d pick any of the above or the KD14s.

And for outside hitters and setters, I’d seriously consider the Li-Ning All City 9s or 10s.

If you’re still not sure, be sure to check out my other volleyball shoe round up articles for more ideas, or read on to see why I chose these particular shoes.

What To Look For When Picking A Basketball Shoe For Volleyball

The most important thing when shopping for basketball shoes as a volleyballer is to be super aware of what movements you perform on court.

A middle blocker performs a very different set of movements to a libero or setter.

As such, their shoes should reflect this.

Be Aware Of Positional Differences

Middle blockers and opposites don’t do anywhere near as much defending or passing as outside hitters or liberos, so their shoes don’t need to be quite as responsive and lightweight.

But they’re spending most of their time on court blocking and spiking, which means they need additional impact protection, cushioning, and lateral support.

Setters are a good mix of both and therefore can pick from a wider range of shoes.

In the past I’ve written extensively on exactly what the important aspects of volleyball shoes are, so click here to find out more.

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