5 Best Nike Volleyball Shoes In 2022

Historically, Nike hasn’t been known for their volleyball shoes…

But in recent years, Nike has become one of the most popular shoe brands amongst volleyball players of all levels.

Nike is well known for making excellent basketball shoes but recently, a number of their best designs have been transformed into volleyball shoes and they’ve taken the volleyball world by storm.

Nike Volleyball Shoes Worn By Professionals

They’re certainly the brand of choice for professional volleyball players these days.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 Nike volleyball shoes.

Best Overall Shoe

Nike React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes

Nike React Hyperset

These are currently the most popular volleyball shoe on the market. With a super solid overall design, the extremely versatile Hypersets can be worn by all players on court.

Best Overall Nike Volleyball Shoe

Nike’s flagship volleyball shoe very quickly became one of the most popular shoes within the professional leagues in Europe.

The traction and responsiveness of this shoe is second to none and they feel rather low to the ground when wearing them, making the Hypersets particularly popular with setters, liberos, and outside hitters.

The shock absorption and impact protection is decent overall but not incredible.

The Hypersets feel great to jump in, but don’t have much of an extra bounce or pop that makes you feel incredibly springy.

These are also one of the better outdoor volleyball shoes, if you dare to wear them on a concrete surface!

They fit pretty snug and aren’t ideal for wide feet, so consider getting half a size bigger if that’s you.

These are currently only available in women’s sizes as the men’s Hypersets sold out many moons ago!

If you’re struggling to find men’s volleyball shoes that are actually in stock, check out this article.

Ideal For

  • All volleyball positions. Personally, I think there’s better options for opposites and middles, but every player on the volleyball court will enjoy wearing these shoes.

Not Ideal For

  • Anyone balling on a budget. This also happens to be the most expensive volleyball shoe on the market!
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Runner Up

Nike Hyperace Volleyball Shoes

Nike Zoom HyperAce 2

The HyperAces are one of the safest volleyball shoes available with excellent ankle lockdown and lateral support. They also have excellent cushioning for joint protection.

Second Best Nike Volleyball Shoe

The HyperAces are one of the best designed volleyball shoes of all time.

They feel exactly like what a volleyball shoe should feel like!

With more internal padding than most, they have excellent ankle lockdown and stability.

The reinforced uppers also add additional lateral support making this one of the best options for anyone with dodgy ankles!

They definitely have a thicker sole than the Hypersets, giving you more cushioning when jumping which will do a better job of saving your joints from turning to dust.

Ideal For

  • Volleyballers who prioritize support and stability. I like to think of the HyperAce as a ‘safety shoe’, ideal for anyone worried about injuries.

Not Ideal For

  • Players who prefer being lower to the ground. These shoes stand quite high, so not ideal for those who prefer a lower to the ground feel.
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Best Budget Shoe

Giannis Immortality For Volleyball

Nike Giannis Immortality

The Giannis Immortality is actually a basketball shoe that just happens to be one of the best designed shoes for playing volleyball in!

Best Budget Nike Volleyball Shoe

Yes, this is a basketball shoe.

And yes, you can wear it on the volleyball court.

The Immortality is known for being extremely lightweight and incredibly responsive. The traction and flexibility in this shoe is exactly why it’s one of my top rated volleyball shoes for liberos.

The cushioning in this shoe is not great, making it not a great option for hitters. But back court specialists don’t need excellent cushioning so it’s perfect for liberos and setters who like to feel light on their feet.

It’s also by far the cheapest shoe on this list making it one of the highest value options on the market.

Ideal For

  • Liberos and other players who prefer a very lightweight shoe. Some setters who play mainly in the back court will also find this shoe excellent.
  • Anyone balling on a budget. If cost is the primary concern, this shoe is your best option.

Not Ideal For

  • Anyone doing a high volume of jumping. The Immortality simply doesn’t have the impact protection these athletes need.

Best Basketball Shoe

Nike KD14 Shoe For Volleyball

Nike KD14

There’s a good reason more and more volleyballers are choosing to wear basketball shoes on the volleyball court. Many of these shoes are designed exceptionally well for the needs of volleyballers, the KD14s being at the top of the list.

Best Nike Basketball Shoe For Volleyball

The KD14 was one of my highest ranked basketball shoes for volleyball in 2022 and for good reason.

This shoe is almost perfect in every way.

It has one of the most advanced cushioning systems, making it incredibly springy when jumping with top tier shock absorption – making it an ideal choice for opposites and middles doing a lot of jumping.

Traction is also incredible meaning it’s suitable for outside hitters and front row setters who don’t mind feeling quite high up off the ground.

They come in a variety of interesting colorways but you can’t go wrong with the white.

Ideal For

  • All front court players. This is a perfect shoe for anyone doing a ton of jumping who also values extremely good responsiveness.

Not Ideal For

  • Liberos. Liberos may not prefer the thick sole and won’t benefit much from the excellent cushioning.
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Best For Jumping

Nike Lebron 18 Volleyball Shoes

Nike Lebron 18

Just like the KD14s, the Lebron 18s have one of the craziest cushioning systems of any shoe making them one of the bounciest shoes for spikers to jump in.

Best Nike Volleyball Shoe For Jumping

If you’re a volleyballer who does a lot of jumping, you’re concerned with two things…

First, you need solid impact protection to save your joints from the constant beating.

And second, you want a shoe with some extra spring in it that’ll make you feel like you’re flying.

This is a premium shoe designed with both of those things in mind.

To put it simply, there’s arguably no better jumping experience you can have than by wearing a pair of Lebron 18s.

This is a unisex shoe available in a variety of colorways. Great for wide feet too!

Ideal For

  • Middles and opposites. This is my number one recommendation for front row players doing a ton of blocking and spiking.

Not Ideal For

  • Those on a budget. These kicks are not cheap!
  • Anyone who prefers being low to the ground. With an air max unit in the heel, these shoes stand quite high which won’t be ideal for back court players.
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Final Verdict?

For the ladies, I’d recommend either the Hypersets or HyperAces depending on whether you want to go for style or support/comfort.

Both of these shoes are pretty hard to find, so you’ll be lucky if you can get either in your size…

For everyone else, my recommendation is the KD14s for setters and outside hitters and the Lebron 18s for opposites and middles.

For liberos (and setters) the Giannis Immortality is going to be an excellent option.

Are Nikes Good For Volleyball?

Nike makes some absolutely top notch shoes when it comes to volleyball.

Not only do they have some really decent volleyball specific designs, but a huge number of their basketball shoes make excellent volleyball shoes too.

The Hypersets have rapidly become extremely popular because they’re designed really well.

The HyperAces, and HyperAttacks were also received extremely well by the volleyball world too.

How Do Nike Shoes Compare To Other Volleyball Shoe Brands?

Historically, Nike never was regarded as a volleyball shoe brand.

It used to be Mizuno and Asics with the vast majority of the market share.

In today’s day and age, Nike is probably the most popular volleyball shoe brand in the world.

You saw earlier a picture of one of the top professional volleyball teams in Italy – almost all of them were wearing Nike Hypersets. This is a very common sight particularly amongst top level volleyballers.

Nike’s basketball shoes are also quickly becoming more and more prevalent on the volleyball court.

Nike desperately needs to restock the Hypersets and HyperAces which are becoming close to impossible to buy online nowadays, a testament to their popularity.

Having said that, I think it’s fair to say that Nike is still very much at the top of the hill when it comes to volleyball shoes.

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