5 Best Volleyball Shoes For Jumping In 2022

When I was training full time as a volleyballer, my number one obsession was increasing my vertical jump.

If you’re anything like me, you only want to wear shoes that enable you to jump as high as humanly possible while on the volleyball court.

Over the last year I’ve spent a lot of time researching the various midsole technologies inside a variety of popular volleyball and basketball shoes to determine which kicks offer the biggest bounce.

I created this list based on what I feel the two most important criteria for jumping are: bounce and impact protection.

Just how much extra spring does a shoe offer when jumping?

And how well does the cushioning system absorb landing forces?

Today I’ll be answering each of these questions for each of these shoes, as well as discussing some other aspects of performance to be aware of.

Let’s begin!

Best Overall Shoe

Asics Sky Elite Volleyball Shoes

Asics Sky Elite FF

The Sky Elite from Asics is the most beautiful volleyball shoe I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing and it’s an absolute joy to jump in!

Best Overall Volleyball Shoes For Jumping

The Asics Sky Elite FF was rated as my top volleyball shoe of all time. In that article I go into great detail as to why it’s the best volleyball shoe money can buy, so I’ll try to keep it brief today.

Historically speaking, volleyball shoes haven’t had a crazy amount of ‘bounce’ in them.

They usually feel fairly neutral to jump in and you wouldn’t feel any extra springy sensation…

…Until now.

The Sky Elites have an incredible full length FlyteFoam cushioning setup in the midsole which is easily the best midsole design we’ve ever seen from a volleyball shoe.

It’s got a great bit of extra pop to it, so you feel super springy when jumping in these.

More importantly, the impact protection is as good as I’ve ever felt from a volleyball shoe.

This is super important, especially if you’re doing a lot of jumping, as it’ll prevent your joints from turning to dust over time.

I could go on and on about the incredible heel toe transition, out of this world traction, and top tier lateral support, but all you really need to know is that this shoe absolutely slaps!

Ideal For

  • Almost all volleyball players. Aside from liberos (why would a libero be reading this article anyway), these shoes are perfect for any position on the volleyball court.

Not Ideal For

  • Those who prefer a low to the ground feel. The reason liberos may not love this shoe as much as I do is because it stands quite high up off the ground and defensive players often prefer a more connected court feel.
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Runner Up

Nike Lebron 18 Volleyball Shoes

Nike Lebron 18

I’ve decided to bring out the big guns for this shoe recommendation. The Lebron 18 has the craziest bounce of any shoe I’ve ever worn!

Runner Up – Best Volleyball Shoes For Jumping

Yes, the Lebron 18 is a basketball shoe.

And yes, you can wear basketball shoes for volleyball!

The reason the Lebron is on this list is because it’s one of the craziest jumping experiences any type of baller can have.

The full length Zoom Strobel unit combined with the rear Air Max unit creates one of the springiest feeling rides when on court.

The heel compression is ridiculous.

Lebron 18 Cushion

As far as impact protection goes, this can only be described as ‘God tier’.

You can play a day-long tournament in them and your feet and knees will feel great.

I recommend the Lebrons for the heavy hitters: middle blockers and opposites who need to be jumping their highest and aren’t overly concerned about passing or defending.

These shoes might be a little too high up for passer hitters.

Ideal For

  • Middle blockers and opposites. As a middle blocker, I love this shoe because of the extra quick pop I get when blocking.

Not Ideal For

  • Passing. If you’re an outside hitter, you may want something that rides a little lower to the ground, but these definitely still work fine if you don’t mind the height!
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Best Budget Shoe

Adidas Dame 7 Extply Red Volleyball Shoes

Adidas Dame 7

Not only are the Dame 7s one of the most durable, reliable, and comfortable shoes to play in, but they’re really quite good when it comes to jumping and are easily the cheapest shoe on this list!

Best Budget Volleyball Shoes For Jumping

It’s pretty rare to find a shoe that retails for under $100 that performs as good as the Adidas Dame 7.

This shoe has a Litestrike midsole which feels super smooth to jump in.

I walk on this midsole for hours everyday and it’s really, really comfortable with a nice touch of bounce to it.

Shock absorption is also really excellent in the Dame 7, so it’s easily the best budget shoe for all things jumping.

Lateral support is top tier as well, which again is great for hitters doing a lot of jumping and landing around the net.

I’ve never once done an ankle wearing my Dame 7s!

I’m also occasionally asked why I recommend the Dame 7s over the Dame 8s and the reason is because the traction is considerably better in the 7s.

The 8s are technically a better shoe for jumping in because the cushioning setup is slightly better, but they tend to slide around on court a lot which is why I stay away from them.

The Dame 7 is also a great shoe for wide footed folks like me too!

Ideal For

  • Anyone balling on a budget. These usually sell for under a hundred bucks on Amazon!
  • Wide feet. The Dame 7s made it into my list of top volleyball shoes for wide feet!
  • Outdoor volleyball. The Dame 7s also handle concrete and hybrid courts exceptionally well.
  • Ankle support. With a good amount of padding around the ankle as well as an Achilles pad, the Dame 7s do a great job in terms of lateral support.

Not Ideal For

  • Liberos and setters. If you’re looking for a super responsive, ultra lightweight, and low to the ground shoe, the Dame 7 probably isn’t it.
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Special Mention

Mizuno Wave Momentum Navy Blue Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno Wave Momentum

The original Wave Momentum from Mizuno is one of the best all rounder volleyball shoes we’ve seen in recent years.

Also Great Volleyball Shoes For Jumping

I should probably rephrase that to ‘great volleyball shoes for landing’.

The original Wave Momentums are known for their really excellent impact protection while being an ultra lightweight, super responsive shoe.

Personally I’m a big fan of lightweight shoes because, even though I know it doesn’t actually make a difference, psychologically I feel as though I can jump higher in them!

If you thought the Momentum 1s were super lightweight and felt amazing to jump in, then you were probably excited to hear the Momentum 2s would have an upgraded Enerzy midsole which would make the shoe way, way bouncier than the original Momentums.

While this was indeed the case, the Momentum 2s had a big issue: their cushioning setup, although insanely responsive and springy, simply failed in terms of impact protection.

It might be a great shoe to jump in once a week, but if you’re playing a lot of volleyball, definitely go for the original Momentum and not the Momentum 2!

Taking care of your joints is far more important than feeling like you’re flying on court!

Ideal For

  • Anyone who enjoys a super lightweight feeling shoe. I personally love playing in shoes that feel as light as a feather!

Not Ideal For

  • Could be a little bouncier. This shoe definitely doesn’t have as much spring as the Momentum 2, but overall it’s still a better shoe for jumping.
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Special Mention

Li-Ning All City Volleyball Shoes

Li-Ning All City 10

Another one of my favorite all-rounders, the All City 10 is known for it’s super solid cushioning setup and bouncy feel, making it great for jumping.

Also Great Volleyball Shoes For Jumping

Li-Ning have been making some of the most incredible basketball shoes in recent times and the All City 10s are some of my favorite shoes to play volleyball in, superb for jumpers!

The midsole is full length BOOM stacked on top of full length Cloud which is one of the nicest feeling foam setups on the market.

It’s really nice and responsive with a good amount of bounce and the shoe also performs really well in the impact protection department.

The materials are really high quality and the shoe is also excellent for wide feet.

And they look bloody fantastic!

One word of caution… if you play on dusty courts a lot, this probably isn’t the best shoe to pick.

They tend to pick up quite a bit of dust and are a particularly hard wipe, so you may end up sliding around more than you’d like.

The traction does improve over time as they break in, and there’s absolutely no issues if you’re playing on a clean court.

Ideal For

  • All positions. Literally any volleyballer will love the feel of these shoes.
  • Wide feet. Another excellent option for players with wide feet!

Not Ideal For

  • Dusty courts. If you frequently find yourself playing on dusty courts, I’d advise against this shoe as the traction isn’t the best – unless on well maintained courts, where it’s actually quite good.
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Final Verdict?

If you want the craziest jumping experience you can have on a hardwood court, the Lebron 18s are well worth looking at.

The best all rounders are going to be the Asics Sky Elite FFs or you might also like to give the Li-Ning All City 10s a go.

Both of these shoes are suitable for all positions on the volleyball court.

Lastly, if you’re looking to save a little extra cash, opt for the Dame 7s which are my favorite budget volleyball shoe of all time!

Do Volleyball Shoes Help You Jump Higher?

There’s no evidence that any sports shoe will increase your vertical jump, unfortunately.

There is however evidence that suggests how you feel about your shoes impacts how high you’ll jump.1https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329912270_Does_the_weight_of_basketball_shoes_affect_speed_and_jumping_performance

Each of the shoes I’ve discussed today (except for maybe the Mizuno Wave Momentums) have a good bit of extra bounce in them, which will at the very least make you feel as though you’re jumping as high as you possibly can.

At the end of the day, there’s no point in being able to jump high if you’re neglecting your joints, so impact protection is the one aspect of a volleyball shoe that remains most important.

Each of the above shoes do an excellent job in this domain, so whichever shoes you go with, you’ll be well looked after.

About the author

As a former international level volleyball player, I now spend my days working out and writing for Volleyball Vault. I look for ways to bring my wealth of experience and knowledge to create unique and insightful perspectives in my content.