4 Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes For 2022

Adidas makes some pretty sweet volleyball shoes, which is interesting because they don’t usually market thaemselves as a volleyball-specific shoe brand.

I’m due for a new pair myself, so I’ve just spent the last day researching which Adidas shoes are best for various different kinds of volleyball players and also how they compare to other brands.

This article will help you decide which shoe to pick based on your own unique set of requirements as a volleyballer.

Best Overall Shoe

Adidas CrazyFlight Volleyball Shoes

Adidas CrazyFlight Volleyball Shoes

Stylish yet high performing all-round volleyball shoe with top tier shock absorption (great for jumping), highly secure and stable during lateral movements, and decent traction.

Best Volleyball Shoe Overall

The CrazyFlight shoe just barely won my overall rating over the Dame 7s, mainly because it does a pretty awesome job in all areas – it has no obvious flaws like the other shoes.

Perfect for both men and women, the CrazyFlight comes in a variety of styles including a low and a mid top.

It excels in foot and ankle security during quick lateral and stopping movements making it a really safe option that’ll help prevent ankle sprains.

It also performs better than the other shoes in terms of traction and even does pretty well in this regard on dusty courts.

The shoe is slightly heavier than some other brands of volleyball shoe, but still feels quite lightweight to wear.

It could use a little more spring when jumping, but it’s certainly not a bad shoe so far as jumping is concerned.

This shoe is exceptionally affordable currently retailing around the $80 mark.

Ideal For

  • Liberos and defensive specialists who need to be able to move laterally quickly and stop on a dime.
  • Any volleyballer doing a lot of jumping. If you’re a middle blocker or wing spiker and play a lot of volleyball, this shoe is going to protect your joints from turning to dust with its really excellent shock absorption.
  • Basically any volleyballer, whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for years, this is an exceptional choice.
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Best Budget Shoe

Adidas Ligra 7 Volleyball Shoes

Adidas Ligra 7 Volleyball Shoes

Amazing value for very little money. Easily one of the most comfortable volleyball shoes around. Can be worn off-court as a stylish classic looking sneaker. Made using recycled materials so you’ll be doing the environment a solid.

Best Budget Volleyball Shoe

There’s so much to love about this shoe. It’s really affordable costing only $65, and it’s made from over 50% recycled materials, so you’re literally saving the planet by wearing these kicks.

The Ligra 7 is well regarded as one of the most comfortable volleyball shoes on the market and is absolutely perfect for beginners or casual players, men or women.

Although these were designed for performance and comfort on the court, they can be worn absolutely anywhere and you’ll have that classic black sneaker look. They also come in white if that’s your preference.

Most volleyball shoes look out of place when not on the court, but the Ligra 7 can literally be worn anywhere! Seriously, you can wear these to the mall and still look cool.

Ideal For

  • Anyone who wants a cheap option that feels good – this makes them ideal for new or casual players or people who also want to do other outdoor activities.

Not Ideal For

  • Elite level players – These are a little on the heavier side and might not offer the best shock absorption for athletes who are playing a lot of volleyball.
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Best For Defenders

Adidas Stabil Next Gen Volleyball Shoes

This is a highly responsive and springy shoe perfect for quick movements. It’s a libero’s dream shoe for so many reasons. Not to mention these shoes are ridiculously stylish!

Best Volleyball Shoe For Defenders

These kicks were specifically designed for indoor court sports like volleyball, handball, and badminton. They’re extremely responsive, meaning you can make very precise movements extremely quickly, making them perfect for defending in the backcourt.

They’re also extremely springy and feel amazing to jump in. They really excel for anything that requires explosive movement and have superb ankle support.

Having said all that, these shoes don’t have great shock absorption meaning they’re not ideal if you’re doing a lot of jumping (multiple times per week).

Perhaps more importantly than anything else, these shoes look ridiculously sleek so if you’re going for style points, these are for you!

At $90 they won’t break the bank either!

Ideal For

  • Setters, liberos, and defensive specialists – Basically any position that isn’t doing a high volume of jumping will absolutely love these kicks.
  • Gym and everyday use – You can wear these shoes just about anywhere and you’re going to look good doing it!

Not Ideal For

  • Outsides, middles, opposites – Unless you’re only playing casually or infrequently. If you’re planning on jumping in these more than once or twice a week, you’ll have to take extra good care of your joints.
  • People with wide feet – Heartbreakingly, this includes me. These shoes are particularly not well suited to people with wide feet and are pretty uncomfortable.
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Best For Jumping

Adidas Dame 7 Basketball Shoes

Wearing basketball shoes for volleyball is a growing trend lately and it makes a lot of sense as these shoes have highly superior shock absorption, making them perfect for outsides, opposites, and middle blockers doing a lot of jumping.

Best Adidas Volleyball Shoe For Jumping

Perhaps the best thing about Dame 7s is their shock absorption system. The thickness of the rubber in the sole makes this shoe ideal for any volleyballer doing a lot of jumping.

Taking care of your ankle, knee, and hip joints is imperative if you want to stave off injury and continue growing as a volleyballer. Jumping is brutal on your joints. So if you’re doing a lot jumping, the Dame 7 is a perfect match.

They are slightly heavier than most volleyball shoes, but I think that’s a fair price to pay if it means your knees won’t turn to dust…

Even though they’re heavier, they somehow still feel really really springy to jump in, and it feels like you’re landing on a cloud!

They come in plenty of different styles, so you can find a look you’ll love. Nowadays these shoes will only set you back around $80 so they’re a pretty affordable option.

Be sure to check out my full article on the best volleyball shoes for hitters.

Ideal For

  • Any volleyballer that does a lot of jumping – Particularly good for middle blockers, and wing spikers.
  • People with wide feet – These will fit your wide feet perfectly!

Not Ideal For

  • Defensive specialists – The thicker and stiffer upper design means you’ll be slightly less mobile and agile in these shoes. You’ll also stand taller in these shoes because of the thick sole, so not ideal for people who want to stay close to the floor.
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Final Verdict?

Personally, I’d recommend the Dame 7s for middle blockers and opposites because of the exceptional shock absorption.

For liberos and back court specialists, I’d choose the Stabil Nex Gens because they’re super lightweight and responsive.

For beginners I’d go for the CrazyFlights or the Ligra 7s, both of which are excellent all-round shoes.

Outside hitters can choose between the Dame 7s and CrazyFlights depending on whether they want the extra shock absorption or better mobility in the back court.

And quite honestly, if I didn’t have such wide feet, I’d consider getting a pair of Stabil Next Gens to wear to the club! Those things look sweet!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my current list of the top volleyball shoes for 2022 for more ideas!

Are Adidas Shoes Good For Volleyball?

Generally speaking, yes, Adidas is a pretty solid brand when it comes to volleyball shoes.

I wouldn’t say they’re the best as their range of volleyball shoes is fairly small, but the shoes they do have tend to be solid overall.

Are Adidas Ultraboost Good For Volleyball?

Adidas Ultraboost running shoes are absolutely not a good idea for volleyball.

These shoes are notorious for having extremely poor lateral stability and containment with virtually no ankle lockdown.

This makes them really awful when it comes to those quick lateral movements we make on the volleyball court.

The Ultraboost is quite possibly one of the worst shoes you could wear for volleyball!

How Do Adidas Shoes Compare To Other Volleyball Shoe Brands?

The Adidas volleyball shoes definitely hold their own when compared to other popular manufacturers such as Asics, Mizuno, and Nike.

Mizuno are definitely well known for their volleyball shoes, as well as Asics and I highly encourage you to check out some of these brands when shopping around for volleyball shoes.

Nike and Adidas are definitely less established when it comes to volleyball specific shoes, but both have exceptionally good basketball shoes – some of which double nicely as volleyball shoes.

Below are the two areas in which I think Adidas volleyball shoes excel over the competition.

  • Excellent shock absorption – Adidas has an excellent range of basketball shoes which I think are the best options for volleyball hitters who have to do a ton of jumping.
  • 10/10 Style Points – In my opinion, Adidas shoes look a lot better than Asics and Mizunos for the most part. When all these different shoes perform fairly similarly, finding a pair that you really like the look of is always a good option!

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